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Questions from a Presbyterian
mcarmichael Wrote:Hi Paul,

Thanks for hosting this site, and I hope things are going well.

I appreciate your scholarship, and Aramaic Primacy is an interesting topic, but it's very new to me and sort of secondary to my interest in the Assyrian Church; and with the emphasis of this site being the Peshitta and Aramaic Primacy, I'm curious if this is an official teaching of the COE, or what the history of that is.

Although I'm guessing it's probably not, this seemed like an appropriate place to ask. Would you be able to answer that?

Thanks. <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->

Hi mcarmichael,

If I understood your question correctly, the concept of Aramaic Primacy (or Greek Primacy) is not an official teaching of the CoE. As with all Apostolic Churches, the focus of the CoE is on the Gospel of Christ and the Salvation of man via His Sacrifice.

The CoE has used Aramaic as its universal language since its founding (it is, indeed, the language of its core ethnic groups for thousands of years), and holds that the Peshitta was delivered to our lands by the Apostles themselves. Outside of that, the Church does not proclaim anything regarding textual history as dogma, nor as central to its mission to humanity. The Peshitta is the official text of the NT that the Church uses during its liturgical readings, and the official canon of authorized text which defines our Christian Faith. It has never allowed another version to be read during the liturgy, and has meticulously preserved this text to this very day.

Hope that helps,

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