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Yah, contracted from YHWH--In the Peshitta?
What I'm about to say is not technical. I can post something very technical if you like and not covered already but this is just personal observation.

I recently lived through allot of stress. I ended up without work now for going on 8 months for health reasons. During this process i noticed in my morning walks as i would meditate on yhwh. I found as I was walking along thinking about the birds singing and the early morning light coming up that pronouncing or meditating on yahweh that the sound was very peaceful and rolls off the lips very easily. I found it was even relaxing to say it that way. To use yehwah as I found it written in the Hebrew with the vowel pointings for adoni was more jarring and generally not as pleasant to listen to. It seemed less natural.

Sorry if this is unacceptable to others I'll post something else with quotes and in depth study if everybody wants but I thought I would share a personal observation while meditating on my beloved.

on this same thought as Greg alluded to I belive is that quite a few names that have a variation of yh, yw, maybe others like ya(y') all have a very similar or probably the same sounding.

A good example of this is all the words for the tribe yuda, juda, however it may be pronounced by most. It is only yhwdh. yhwh with the added d. Good reason to look at it seriously and think it was said his name was in him and when he was named his mother actually said his name meant "I will praise you yahweh" the letters are there to support every single letter in that name. If you look it up the patterns are there. So from this it would suggest a pronunciation of yahuda, yahudi, yahudim, etc.

There are many others like this and it only scratches the surface but you all get the ideah.



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