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Yah, contracted from YHWH--In the Peshitta?
Yes, in the Peshitta the Father is very respectfully called mrya. Additionally, the shortened version ("Yah") is found throughout the Aramaic in wordplay.

For example, Matthew 6:9-13 has the famous prayer ?Our Father?. In Catholic school we were required to recite this prayer in English constantly; it?s still permanently ingrained in my mind (I'm grateful for that). I don't think I ever learned the name of our Creator though in Catholic school. But in Aramaic?

Notice the first words of the Our Father prayer have a wordplay for the Father?s name, abun dbShmya nThqdSh Shmk (?Our Father who is in heaven, your name will be holy.?) So in Aramaic the holy name is spoken right there in the wordplay of Shmya, which is like saying ?name Yah?.

And this same kind of Aramaic wordplay is found in several other key places that discuss the Father?s name and the Messiah's name?
  • Matthew 7:21 ? Yahshua explains that not all who call him mry (?my lord?) enter lmlkuTha dShmya (?to the kingdom of heaven?). Immediately afterwards he gives the parable of the man who builds his house on ShuEaa (?stone?), which is a natural wordplay for yShuEa (?Yahshua?).
  • Matthew 21:9 ? before the gates of Jerusalem, the crowds are calling out to Yahshua, ?Hosanna to the son of David. Blessed is he who comes bShmh dmrya (?in His name, of the Lord?), Hosanna in the highest!? See also Mark 11:9, John 12:13. And incidentally, the phrase here in Matthew 21:9 dmrya auShEana (?of the Lord, Hosanna?) is also a letter-puzzle for ana dmra yShuEa (?I am of the lord, Yahshua?).
  • Matthew 23:39 ? Yahshua says to pharisees & scribes, ?For I say to you that you will not see me from now on, until you have said, ?Blessed is he who comes bShmh dmrya (?in His name, of the Lord?).
  • John 3:18 ? ?He who believes in him is not judged. And he who does not believe is already judged, that not he believes bShmh dyKhydya (?in his name, of the unique one?), the son of Alha."
  • John 10:25 ? Yahshua explains, ?I have told you and you do not believe. And the works that I do, ana bShmh daby hnun (?I in His name, of my Father. They??) testify regarding me.
  • John 14:13-14 ? ?And whatever you ask bShmy aEabd[i] (?in my name, will work?) to you that will be glorified the Father in His son. And if you ask me [i]bShmy ana? (?in my name, I?) will work?.
  • John 14:26 ? ?And it, the Redeemer Spirit of Holiness, it that sends my Father bShmy hu (?in my name, it?) will teach you anything.?
  • John 16:24 ? ?Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive so that your joy will be mShmlya (?full?).?
  • John 17:11 ? ?Holy Father, guard them in your name, it dyhbTh (?that you gave?) to me??. Same wordplay repeats in the next verse at John 17:12.
  • John 20:31 ? ?And also these were written that you are believing that Yahshua is mShyKha (?messiah?), His son, of Alha, and when you are believing, will be to you bShmh Khya (?in his name life?), he to a world/age.?
The above list is representative. There are many other places where the name is preserved through Aramaic wordplay that jumps off the page when spoken, with the primary focus being on the 10th letter, pronounced yahd.

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