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An important distinction in the Aramaic text
John 6:46 - There is no man who hath seen the Father, but he who is from Aloha, he hath seen the Father.
I just did not remember the exact wording. Better to put whole verses than its numbers
so that people would not keep searching.
In the burning bush above mentioned looks like angel is called Marya too.
When in plural is pronounced 'maraye' and singular 'marya' then why singular is not pronounced 'maraya'?
I just cannot accept formula Jesus = Lord YA when YA = YHWH.
No direct proof exists. If it is yes than Jesus is Son of Himself and not Son of God.
First Christians called Marya as Kurios and Dominos in Greek and Latin respectively which both mean Lord.
If we accept Jesus = YHWH then what is the name of His Father?

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