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An important distinction in the Aramaic text
Can you please check that verse/passage out, Psalm 131:2-3, because it doesn't match either Lamsa or Bauscher's text and translation.

But, in any case...It certainly is true that Alaha/God is 'Marya'. And in Peshitta, both The Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit are called 'Marya', even if it just meant "Lord" in the generic since (which it dosen't), do we have two or three 'Lord's' to serve???

Not so... The Messiah said that He and His Father are ONE, and the Scriptures show us that The Holy Spirit is both The Spirit of The Father and The Spirit of The Son/The Messiah, at the same time.

The Messiah is revealed to be, and is directly called, 'God' a number of times in The Holy Scriptures, and we know that there can only be ONE God, not two of them.


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