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An important distinction in the Aramaic text
I remember such expression in Aramaic NT ' a malchuta dshmaya mitdame lmara dbayta'. Note: it is not said to 'marya dbayta'.
Wonder what other places people are called mara, not marya , so
this would say something too.

Also, in Ceriani_Syro-Hexaplaris Ambrosianus
on page 465 of the pdf we can see halleluia in Aramaic ending in YA.
So, they translated Hebrew YH into Aramaic YA.

Col. 4:1
[font="Estrangelo (V1.1)"]0ym4b 0rm wh ty0 Jwkl ...twl Fwn0kw Fwyw4 wdb9 0yrm[/font]
Looks like
[font="Estrangelo (V1.1)"]0yrm[/font] is of lord, master nature.

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