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An important distinction in the Aramaic text

Part One:

Here below, Yehoshua-Yeshua-Eshu'-Iesous-Iesu-Jesus --> is equated with MarYa, who stoped Shaul of Tarsus and had a talk with him one life changing day.

Acts 9:3-5 The Aramaic text
And, as he (Shaul) was going, he began to approach Damascus; suddenly there was light from the Heavens, shining upon him, and he fell upon the ground, and he heard a voice which said unto him: ?Shaul, Shaul, why do you persecute me? It is hard for you to kick against the goads.? He answered and said, ?Who are you my master?? And Our Master said, ?I am Eshu', The Nasraya, He whom you are persecuting.?

Acts 9:17 The Aramaic text
?Then Khanan-Yah went unto the house, unto him, and laid a hand upon him, and said unto him, ?Shaul, my brother, Our Master Eshu', who appeared unto you on the road, when you came, has sent me, so that your eyes would be opened, and you would be filled with The Spirit of Holiness.?

Acts 9:27 Aramaic text:
?But, BarNaba took him (Shual), and brought him to the Apostles, and he related unto them just how he had seen MarYa on the road, and that he had spoken with Him on the road, and how in Damascus he had spoken openly in The Name of Eshu'.?

Part Two:

The Aramaic text, shows us, that the Name of MarYa (Master-YHWH) is actually The Name of The Messiah! Whom we are to call upon for our salvation...And when we look at the Hebrew text, we can see who The Messiah truly is. Take a close look.

Joel 2:32a The Hebrew text:
?And it will come to pass, that everyone who calls on The Name of YHWH will be saved?

Acts 2:21 The Aramaic text:
?And it shall come to pass, that everyone who calls on The Name of MarYa will be saved.??

Romans 10:13 The Aramaic text:
?For, ?everyone who calls on The Name of MarYa will be saved.?

1st Corinthians 1:2 The Aramaic text:
?To the Church of Alaha, which is in Corinth, called, and holy, which is in Eshu' M'sheekha, sanctified, and all those who in every place call on The Name of Our Master, Eshu? M'sheekha, theirs and ours.?

Acts 9:21 The Aramaic text:
?And all those who heard him were astounded and they were saying, ?Was this not he who was persecuting all those who are calling unto this Name in Jerusalem? And he was even sent here to bind them to convey them to The Chief Priests!??

Acts 9: 10-15 The Aramaic text:
But, there was a Disciple in Damascus, and his name was Khanan-Yah, and MarYa had said unto him, in a vision, ?Khanan-Yah?, and he said, ?Behold, it is I, my Master.? And Our Master said unto him, ?Arise, go to the street which is called Straight, and inquire at the house of Yehuda, for Shaul, who is from the city Tarsus, for behold, he is praying. He sees in a vision a man whose name is Khanan-Yah entering and laying a hand upon him, so that his eyes will be opened.?

And Khanan-Yah said, ?My Master, I have heard from many about this man, how much evil he has inflicted on the Saints in Jerusalem. And behold, he also has authority here from The Chief Priests to imprison all those who call on your Name.? And MarYa said unto him, ?Arise, go, because he is a chosen vessel unto me, to take my Name unto the Gentiles, and Kings, and among the children of Israel. For, I will show him how much he is going to suffer for my Name.?


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