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A. Frances Werner and the Virgin Birth
"Jacob begot Joseph, the fellow that had begotten Jesus that is called the Messiah of Mary."- Matthew 1:16, Ancient Roots Translinear Bible.

Is it me or is a very bad translation? Every other Virgin Birth-related verses seem to be translated fine.
It's a very poor translation...and is misleading because of the rearranged word order...I would like to talk to A. Francis about it, to see what is in her mind. Maybe she believes like that one modern Ebionite guy, who claims that The Messiah is really the offspring of Joseph and Mary? I hope not.

Below, is a very literal translation I just made, keeping the word order the same as it is in the Aramaic text and paying close attention to the particular words which are used.

"Yaqub gave birth to Joseph, the man of Maryam, who from, was born Eshu?, who is called M?shikha.

The "who from" refers to Maryam, not Joseph, the meaning being that Eshu' was not born from him, but Maryam, being the sole human Parent, making him a "step Father".

Her translation seems pretty good for the most part, but this translation is terrible. I don't think she intended to deny the virgin birth based on her translations of other verses on the subject. Her Old Testament goes with the "young woman" reading in Isaiah 7:14, while in the New Testament she translates the Aramaic "synonym" as virgin.
In each place in Matthew's geneology, the term for "begot" (gave birth), is follwed by the word "to" or "unto" in front of the son's name, which shows that the son of each Father indeed their offspring. This is true for each of the Fathers listed...except when we get to Eshu', where another form is used meaing "was born" and there is no "to" or "unto" in front of His name.
I really don't see where the Ebionites get their doctrine...

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