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1 Corinthians Aramaic primacy doubted...
IPOstapyuk Wrote:
Quote:It says: "Shra" Which can mean 'faithful' or 'strong'. So, if 'shra' is 'gentile tongue', let somebody (Greek primacist?) stand up and explain it to me.
What spell of it?
Quote:I know this is not hard evidence, but a good clue! (BUt unfortunately, the CoE does not accept revelation as being part of the canon)
I believe it is fortunately for they knew what they were doing.

It is very clear that the Aramaic style of revelation is unique, very jewish and semitic (for instance, the word 'a hearing ear' is an Aramaic idiom), and not a translation of a Greek document. But the CoE does not say it is authentic or not, but the book was not delivered to them.

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