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1 Corinthians Aramaic primacy doubted...
Draw Closer,

did you RCV my msg to you. I am unable to send you a Private Msg because under your information box there is no "send private msg" option. I can not get ahole of you and so I wish yuou to reply to me by "Private Msg."

Also the use of "Christian" in the Acts reference you cited the Aramaic word is of Greek origin and a used term among Christians in that region (Antioch) and of that time because the region was also Greek speaking. From what I gather the Jews in that area spoke Greek. Now as to what lenght they did speak Greek I can not be positive. I think it is safe to say that some of the Jewish believers in that area know how to speak the Koine Greek better than others. You would have some that could just get by and others that spoke the Greek very well. Key in on Acts 11:20 where it states that the believers (who were Jewish) were scattered abroad outside of Jerusalem and preached the gospel TO THE GRECIANS. Take care. But please "message" me and hope you also noticed that I sent you a friend request.

Mike Karoules

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