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1 Corinthians Aramaic primacy doubted...

Quote:For the Jihudoyee demand signs, and the Aramoyee require wisdom; but we preach the Meshiha crucified, a scandal to the Jihudoyee, and to the Aramoyee foolishness; but to them who are called, Jihudoyee and Aramoyee, the Meshiha is the power of Aloha, and the wisdom of Aloha.

Why does it read Aramoyee? ....Arameans?? I thought the Greeks were the ones whose culture who was into philosophy / wisdom? Or does Aramoyee refer to the Greeks?

Quote: Give no offence to Jihudoyee, or to Aramoyee, or to the church of Aloha.

If [and only if] "Aramoyee" are Arameans, then why would Corinthian greek christians have to worry about offending them -- for Corinth seems a city mostly of ethnic Greeks and /or Hellenistic people?

I am new to the theories about Aramaic. I am not a Greek primacist, and also not an Aramaic primacist, rather uncertain and doubting in regards to primacy. But in regards to this, aramaic primacy theory in regards to the Corinthians letter is under scrutiny already...

Any theories to explain this...?

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