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1 Corinthians Aramaic primacy doubted...
1 Cor. 8:11 -

Greek has 'adelphos' (the brother who is ill) and the ARamaic has 'The one who is ill.

1 Cor. 15:8 - Seems the same in Peshitta and in Greek. What's wrong with the Greek version?

This is my personal opinion about the word and idiom of 'aborted baby'. So we can skip this indeed.

1 Cor. 15:33 Greek - "Don?t be deceived! ?Evil companionships corrupt good morals.? seems a lot better than the Peshitta version. Why is the Greek version more easier to understand?

This is actually a good one.
Shawaytha?- vs Shawytha?. By adding an Ayin, the word Shawytha becomes Shawaytha (companionship). Also compare Matthew 15:11. (It's not so illogical as it sounds)

1 Cor. 16:22 - I do not understand how Zorba could have blown it here, unless the different translations of marana tha or maran atha were deliberate. Please clarify this.

This is a smoking gun that the Greek was translated from an Aramaic source.

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