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David Bauscher Peshitta Translation
rungold315 Wrote:Has anybody ever considered just buying an NASB bible (due to its literal-ness and very thorough/reliable notes on the variation between texts), and just scratching out what you know to be Greek errors in your New Testament, as well as highlight or underline every instance that reads "the Lord" but that you know is YHWH due to Marya?
I did this. I use a Cambridge Wide-Margin which has been absolutely perfect for the job. As Chuck mentioned, I also have several editions of ISR's Scriptures, but the reading is much more rough, it's verse format (I prefer paragraph) and as it's an extreme sacred name translation there are many changes and transliterations that, IMO, are over done. So I prefer NASB, which is especially useful when studying with others (or preaching) because the NASB is way easier for people to follow.

But my wide margin NASB has been my solution to the futile search for a perfect translation. The margins are wide enough that I can write in all the original language nuances and everything else you don't get in a translation, and then it's all there for me whenever I need. Takes a lot of time, but it's like making your own Study Bible over the course of your life. Definitely worth it.

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