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David Bauscher Peshitta Translation
As I understand it Rungold, The Church of the East does not reject the Western 5 as being "spurious", but since they did not recieve these 5 books from the Apostles...and never saw them in Aramaic form, as the others, they have held them in kind of a 2nd place, like the Apocrypha/Deteroconnonical books are held by some groups.

Even in the Greek and Latin Church, from the beginning 2nd-4th centuries, these 5 books were disputed among many for about 300 years in the Western Churches. If Im not mistaken, the Aramaic Church of the East did not even know about these books until the 1800s... And yet they managed to get things done just fine and hold things together just right. Not that these books are not worthy to study, but they just do not have the same Apostolic tradition as the others do, as far as they are aware.


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