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David Bauscher Peshitta Translation
There is more than that problem with Dave's work...I use it to compare, not as a Bible to read or study. For that, I use the Peshitta/Peshitto texts themselves...then consult the various translations to get more light, when it is obscure. Over time, it's not hard to see the many bugs in the, what I do, instead of throwing out the whole bucket of water...I just am careful not to eat the bugs and have a good drink of the pure water. And I'll point those bugs out to others who would like to have a drink of it too.

The only way I know of being able to read through Magiera's translation (which is very good, so far as I have seen), is by downloading the free Nook app from Barnes & Noble, and then adding the translation to the Library.

Here is the link to the free download app for PC

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When the free download is finished, search in the window for Peshitta, and you will see both Janet Magiera's and Dave Bauscher's translations available for 9.99 each. Dave has a few editions there, but to get his latest edition there, make sure you click on the one with the 2012 date (5th Edition). I just added it to my Nook Library, so I can compare it with Janet's translation, which I say is much more faithful to the Aramaic text.


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