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David Bauscher Peshitta Translation
Greetings SS2,

It's a crap shoot really. What are you looking for in a translation? A literal as possible translation or more of a thought for thought translation?

I would not spend any money on what you can first check out for free see if you feel that Mr. Bauscher has done as good a job as he could have done.

Both Dave Bauscher's Translation & Interlinear can be looked over here ---> <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> If you need help finding it there, let me know and I can show you. But be it known, that Dave has some strange ideas about a few things, and it does come out in his work. For instance he believes that The Father and The Holy Spirit died spiritually during the hours of darkness before Jesus died physically on the Cross. He believes that GOD (The Trinity) died (ceased to exist)...and that the old Universe ceased to exist with Him when GOD died. And we now live in a New and Eternal Universe...where NO SIN exists and ALL SOULS are now saved. (Correct me Dave, when you read this, if I got that wrong, but this is what I understood you?re teaching to be in our long conversations on the subject.)

Also, Mrs. Janet Magiera has her Translation for free with the Nook Reader for PC program, which is free to download. Have a look at it, it?s very good for the most part...but it has a mix of both the Eastern Peshitta and the Western Peshitto readings.

The Lamsa version has a mix as well and sometimes goes off into interpretation, rather than translation...and sometimes he goes with a Greek reading, over what is in the Aramaic text.

Andrew Gabriel Roth has a Translation as well, which he stays with the Eastern Peshitta text as far as I have seen...but he is prone to interpret at times, based on his particular religious persuasions...which is seen very clearly in his copious notes on various subjects. If you think the same as he does on most things...then renderings like referring the Cross of Christ as a "stake" on which He was "Impaled" rather than Crucified...then you might like his work.

I say of these main 4 more Modern Translations of Lamsa, Bauscher, Magiera, and Roth...Mrs. Magiera's translation is the most careful, even though it is a mix of East and West in a few places (2 or 3) And like I said, you can check it out for free online with the Nook reader for PC.

For the Gospels and Acts, you can check with Paul Younan's Interlinear here at (to the right) for free, to compare. His is the Eastern Peshitta Text, which is the Original form and Paul knows the language, being his native tongue, unlike the others, except Lamsa.

BUT.... I say, if you REALLY want to know what is in the whole Eastern Peshitta and the variant forms of the Western Peshitto (in a few verses)...then THE BEST place to do this, as well as look over a few older Translations in English (Etheridge and Murdoch)...then you need to check this wonderful site out. ---> <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

I can help you with that site as well, if you have trouble.

Shlama, (Peace)

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