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David Bauscher Peshitta Translation

Paul Younan himself argues vehimently that MarYa stands for Lord-YaH in the following post (read Paul's post through pages 8-14): <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?f=17&t=2569&hilit=marya+lord&start=105#p17068</a><!-- l -->
And if this is true, in which I have no doubt, ( not to mention the evidence of Place Holders within the early Greek Text) the Short Form of The Divine Name is strewn throughout the Aramaic RC/NT of the Eastern and Western Peshitto.

And I am well aware that forms of Ba'al are used twice in Scripture referring to YHWH. But if you want to know why I slipped it in where I did you will have to read the verses I listed, preferably in the order listed, to gain the understanding as to why I did so.

Now as to you statement that "Note that in Hebrew, LORD is actually Adonai, which is written in reference to our Creator many times in Tanach" is misleading as Adonai had only been translated as Lord [never LORD], all the while it is the Divine Name YHWH that is being RENDERED as LORD! OK that's enough for this rabbit trail.

You seem to have missed the points that I was making altogether.

But if one prefers using LORD in place of MarYa or GoD in place of Adonai they can simply use Murdock's and Paul's translations over Roth's version.

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