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David Bauscher Peshitta Translation
Luc Lefebvre Wrote:I think when he says compared, he means that he took their texts and compared them to the original Aramaic (not compared them to his own translation).

Anyway, if you're interested, here is Roths response to these criticisms,

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Thanks for sharing Roth's pitiful admissions here as I do believe other can benefit from a clearer understanding about Roth's version. OK, so on some remote back page of some other website in which one would be hard pressed to find (as I have Googled this subject and had not come across it) Roth still miserably fails to admit to only having made a revised version of Younan's and Murdock's translations.

Andrew Gariel Roth Wrote:Some may ask though: "Don't you also say that the page must be as blank as possible to translate in the introduction?" The answer is yes of course, and so it was when I started this research two decades back. I began by looking at the Aramaic word for word and line by line. I saved hundreds of emails and smaller essays on my hard drive of the countless places I translated and then compared, and in the end, after all this painstaking checking on both the Aramaic and English sides, I came up with a validated, scholarly and defensible translation. I didn't just cut and paste Murdock or Younan-I confirmed their work myself for the benefit of all.

As I said he is still trying to say that he made a translation is is denying that he copied and pasted Younan's and Murdock's work word for word and then edited them.

The following is a good example of how CLEAR Roth should be being (Disclaimer I -Will- do not necessarily care for the following version)- [Bold and underline emphasis added throughout]
Manuel Vanhe Wrote:Author:
Webster (1833) and Manuel Vanhee

e-Sword Version:
9.x - 10.x

Tab Name:
RHB (1.4)

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Free, Restored, Holy, Bible, TR, MT,

Manuel Vanhee (Public domain 2012)
The Restored Holy Bible is my attempt to restore the presevered Bible text in English and to deal with irregularities.
It is also optimalisated for preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God over the World and it is the most harmonisated English Bible ever. This is a Gift for the Church of God and free for all.

Before I started this translation did I for one year research in translation errors, sources and the commentary of their defenders. I compared every English and Dutch translation that I found on Internet.

The Restored Holy Bible a literal translation is based on 1894 Scrivener Textus Receptus (gnt-tr.bblx) without the Comma Johanneum and follows for 99% the MT .
The NT quotes are from an older source then the MT and LXX. I fused the NT citations into the MT text in order to restore the Original Text.
The Restored Holy Bible is a heavy edited update of the Webster Bible, I updated language, reduced the spell variants of names, corrected plural errors, I used KJC and Strong in combination with the Statenvertaling and other literal translations for the sake of harmonisation. I was very critical in correction of the irregularities. I restored the old measures, money and the count system (see the keywords thousand and myriad Num 31:43 Jon 4:11 Dan 7:10 )
Revelation has no cross-references for this reason: Rev 22:18-19 but Thou can type Rev in the search bar.

I restored the alphabetic order of the 12 acrostic works ( Psa 25 Psa 34 Psa 37 Psa 111 Psa 112 Psa 119 Psa 145 Pro 31 Lam 1 Lam 2 Lam 3 Lam 4 )
The lost letter "Nun" verse in Psa 145:13 is presevered thanks the Syriac, LXX, Vulgate and DSS, but lost in every MT manuscript. .
I used the DSS version for the Nun and restored all the other verses just by verse swapping. (Psa 34 was the hardest to restore because the lost letter was hidden in the second part of the last verse)

Thou, Thee, and Thy are the second person singular; ye, you, your and yours are the second person plural.
The "Hell" words are Sheol (Hades) and Gehenna.
GOD and LORD (with capitals) in the NT are only based on quote info from the Old Testament. (The God names are different in the Greek text).
I'm aware of the symbolic keywords and used KJC and Strong for more keyword priority in the translation

The word Amen (H543 G281) means "truly, agree or ending" it was NOT translated in any of the sources. This word is in the begin of a verse is a warning of Jesus and on the end a agreement or ending of a prayer ( 24/27 of the NT books ends with the word Amen in the TR 1894)
The shofar (H7782) is an other blow instrument then the trumpet(H2689 H8619 G4536) but they are related with the Holy Days and the return of Christ as King of the World in the Messianic Age (the Kingdom of God).
From the moment that there is a Peace Covenant in Jerusalem with the European "prince" restarts the last year-week of Daniel. It means that the Saints have then 3? years to preach the Gospel over the World and to flee to the Place of Safety Mat 24:7-20 Rev 12:13-17 Dan 11:40-43 . <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... oly-bible/</a><!-- m --> ).

Now be it know this is not the first version to openly admit that they revised another's translation (e.g. - RSV, Revised Murdock, not to mention the Modern/2002/etc... KJVs). It is a common thing to do, but usually the editor not only readily admits to doing so but is very clears upon the matter. Again Roth is (in a very unclear hidden-away webpage that you brought fourth) vague at best about what he has done! You know if he would just clearly admit in a posting on his AENT website and in his AENT Intro, and also clearly admit so in his video interviews that he simply copied and pasted Younan's and Murdock's works and lightly edited them the accusations would not ever had been.

It is a shame when some one whom claims to be a Believer in HaMashiahk uses such tactics to gain either prestige or lucre. Such a false prestige not worth one's good name. The only thing that one could say to convince me to not expose the truth upon this matter would be if Roth repents and openly upon his AENT website and in his Intros from now on admits that he not only but revised two early translations. Anything short would have to be exposed, not to belittles Roth but to educate any readers of his version as to what they are truly studying. They are owed that much and if he will not be straight with them then some one else will.

Which reminds me a while back on TV they ran some commercials that had different people claiming that they where Emmit Smith. Emmit means STRAIGHT just as the word Peshitta means Straight. Can you see the irony of these people not being STRAIGHT about being Emmit [Straight] is the same as Roth not being STRAIGHT. Then again he is not the only one that has made such a crocked claim as to having done so. Oy! Will we ever see a true English PeshittA?

Also, instead of trying to blast those who exposed what he did, Roth would have been better of if would just came out and admitted to the charges brought against him. Instead he rambles on about the others short comings. As if that justified what he did.

Now Luc I am not saying that Roth's version can not be used for studying. But I do not think for one moment that being deceptive about FACTS are going to help anyone.

<!-- s:bomb: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/bomb.gif" alt=":bomb:" title="The Bomb" /><!-- s:bomb: --> And as for his being of the Eastern PeshittA he missed one of the Western PeshittO reading of Murdock's (see: Matthew 21:4) . if Roth would have worked from scratch as he claims this Western PeshittO reading would not be in his so-called translation. <!-- s:bomb: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/bomb.gif" alt=":bomb:" title="The Bomb" /><!-- s:bomb: -->

So Luc if you're hope is for me to never ever expose what Roth has done/is doing, then plead with him, not me, to adhere to telling the truth forthright in the WIDE OPEN. And hope that he decides to repent as opposed to running off in the dark on some remote webpage to belittle me instead. But if he so decides to slander me instead well I will just have to count it all joy, Hallele-YaH Awmain.

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