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David Bauscher Peshitta Translation
The fact is; Shamasha Paul has never made a translation per se, official or otherwise. He has rather, rendered each word in an interlinear form only of the Aramaic Text. What you see there Tex, is what a person by the name of Lawrence Sheets did, when he took the word for word interlinear renderings you see on this site and stringed them together.

Ask Paul yourself, and he will tell you that he has not made a "Translation", but only an interlinear word for word rendering of the Aramaic Text. What he is involved with now though, is what he would say is a TRANSLATION.

As I understand it, the interlinear renderings will be a base for the forthcoming Translation up to Acts 15, that will be gone over and revised where needed, and the rest of the 22 books will be Translated to finish the Eastern Peshitta.


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