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The letter from Shlichim and Elders (Acts 15:23)
A question about the Limuda that is published in the AESV by the Peshitta Foundation or those who publish under the title Apostolic Semitic Assembly of Jerusalem. Why do not the four mitzvot to abstain from things polluted by idols, sexual immorality, from blood and from things strangled not appear in it's writing like coinsiding in passage 28 with the writing of Ma'asei Shlichim and as they claim that after the introduction of the emmisaries who were to be sent forth with its writing in this place they insert the Limuda? Like in these two examples, one from the writing of Ma'asei Schlichim excerpted from the Complete Jewish Bible and one from the Limuda published at Yeshua Beth Ohr website
following is the example in Ma'asei Schilchim 15:25-29...
25 So we have decided unanimously to select men and send them to you with our dear friends Bar-Nabba and Sha?ul, 26 who have dedicated their lives to upholding the name of our Lord, Yeshua the Messiah. 27 So we have sent Y?hudah and Sila, and they will confirm in person what we are writing.

28 For it seemed good to the Ruach HaKodesh and to us not to lay any heavier burden on you than the following requirements: 29 to abstain from what has been sacrificed to idols, from blood, from things strangled, and from fornication. If you keep yourselves from these, you will be doing the right thing.

And from the Limuda that comes from the Aramaic English Standard Version published by the Peshitta Foundation...25 We all have thought fit, when assembled, to choose and send men to you, with our beloved Shaul and Barnabas,

26 men who have given up their lives for the name of Maran Yeshua Mshikha.

27 And we have sent with them Yudah and Silas, that they may tell you the same things orally.

28 For it was pleasing to Holy Spirit, and to us, that there should not be laid upon you any burden that would be difficult, [*]besides these necessary things at this time: [*] following this portion of the writing there appears the discrepency, the Limuda published by them does not contain the four mitzvot of abstaining from idols, sexual immorality, blood and things strangled.

Please, let us search this out together...I have read the Limuda and have come to reverence it as the written word of the nevi'im schlichim however I cannot forget that Ma'asei Schlichim comes before these in acceptance of inspiration... so why the discrepency of not containing the four mitzvot as ascribed in Ma'asei Schlichim? I do ponder and pray, what does your search prove?

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