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The letter from Shlichim and Elders (Acts 15:23)
Luc Lefebvre Wrote:Shlama akhi Stephen,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I certainly think you are hitting something on the mark with that! Even today I've heard people speak in tongues in such a way that they were speaking languages that they couldn't understand themselves, but others in the room could. The Elder in my Assembly has also had a conversation in Ukranian once when he can't actually speak the language! How much more critical was a move of the Spirit back then when the Good News was to initially spread in that generation!

At the same time though, opting for Semitic primacy, Roth likes to make the case that wherever Paul went he always seemed to take someone fluent in Greek (i.e. a translator) with him. What are your thoughts on that line of thinking?

Shlama Akhi Luc:
I say, "show me the scripture to prove it". If Paul said, "I thank Alaha that I speak in languages more than all of you", this surely would have included Classical Greek, not so-called Koine Greek. Did Paul need an interpreter who spoke Greek as Luke did, or was Luke a second witness to the spoken word of Alaha from the lips of Paul? "In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established". Moreover, it is my opinion that the Koine Greek of the New Testament is nothing more than an interlinear interpretation. The Greek New Testament is written in Interlinear Greek, being translated from the original Aramaic. This is why, in my opinion, that there are so many hundreds of variants amongst Greek New Testament manuscripts, as opposed to the Peshitta which is very consistent between ancient manuscripts with only a handful of variants. That's another subject, but I've added it for clarification.


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