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The letter from Shlichim and Elders (Acts 15:23)
I agree with you. In fact, in general it seems that Aramaic letters would have been translated upon arrival for the benefit of those who spoke Greek or were more familiar with that language in general, and then copies of both would be made and circulated. After all, it would be important to have the message be preserved and spread on as wide of a basis as possible!

Within the context of the letter of Acts 15, as Antiochi was in Syria and Aramaic was the native language of most of the Shlichim, I would say that it was indeed first in Aramaic and then copied, translated and traveled to the other Believers. Interesting to note on this is that there is an eastern tradition from the group that identifies themselves as the "Assembly of Jerusalem" who say that that particular letter is what became the Didache in Greek (in Aramaic they call it the Limuda) but I haven't seen much supporting evidence for this claim.

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