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Version Analysis/Summary
Not sure....But I know this. The Western Five books of 2 Peter, 2 & 3 John, Jude, and Revelation...were all disputed books in the Western Church for 300 years... they finally settled on including them as cononical along with the others, but were not as higly regarded as were the other 22 undisputed books, though the book of Hebrews always had a question of who it was who wrote it, with a number of men being put forward as possible.

Thirdwoe Wrote:There is another Brother, who is working on a literal translation of the Khabouris Manuscript, but I won?t divulge what he has translated yet, until I have talked with him about it. I have been going through it, and like what I see so far, in both his notes and the translation itself.


Any update you would like to share on this, Chuck?
I was wondering if he was referring to this one online. I was able to contact him once a little over a year ago with a correction which he responded to and made, but my most recent email to him he has not replied to yet.

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Hello Aineo,

The translation project I was referring to there is still ongoing, last time I spoke with him, and I'm not sure when the translator will complete his work. As for the online translation at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->, it looks to be a very faithful translation of the eastern Peshitta text itself, which the Khabouris manuscript being one example. I have looked through that online translation work very closely and noticed that it corrects a few small mistakes in the Khabouris codex itself, which the other eastern manuscripts I've checked doesn't have in them, and which are clearly scribal errors, and not original to the Peshitta text.


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