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Please confirm
It is untrue.

The Byzantine Text also has many words which cannot be explained to be the origin text for the supposed translated Peshitta.

This is new evidence.
From our dear S.P. Silver who transcribed the khabouris codex.
Quote:The Khaburis Manuscript is a copy of a second century New Testament, which was written in approximately 165 AD (internally documented as 100 years after the great persecution of the Christians by Nero, in 65AD). Carbon dating has found this copy of the New Testament to be approximately 1,000 years old. Given its origins, this would make it a copy of the oldest known New Testament manuscript. It was scribed on lamb parchment and hand bound between olive wood covers adorned with gold clasps, hinges and corner-brackets. The scribe would have been in ancient Nineveh (present-day Mosul, Iraq), according to the Colophon signed by a Bishop of the Church at Nineveh. In the Colophon, the Bishop certified (with his inverted signature and seal) that the Khaburis was a faithful copy of the second century original. Of particular interest, is the fact that the Khaburis is written entirely in Aramaic, the tongue of Y?Shua, otherwise popularly known as Jesus, the Nazarite

I checked b.t.w. some typical Peshitta lines with the Gotic and it looks like the Gothic Bible _is_ a translation of the Greek.
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I find this quite logical b.t.w. that educated European Germanic people could speak both Gothic as well as Greek. (Not Aramaic/Syriac)

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