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Forsake / Spare interesting alternate possibility

most are probably familiar with the way the term [font="Estrangelo (V1.1)"]yntqb4[/font] is taken to mean "forsake" or "spare." there has been discussion on this here before, and my intent is not to necessarily take sides, but offer a different insight:

as i was looking at Codex Bezae's reading of Mark 15:34, i noticed the following variant that struck me as a possible evidence relating to the Peshitta:

the majority reading in the Greek is:

EGKATELIPES ME (forsaken me) -- or any various alternate spelling of the same term as found in scattered texts

Bezae reads:

ONEIDISAS ME (reproach / taunt me)

as we've seen that the Bezae appears to support the Peshitta in certain other instances, i was wondering if what we see here from this codex also lends support, but in a different way. since the Aramaic SH'WAQ can be taken in the sense of "forsake," but also in the sense of "spare," could the reading from Bezae be a dynamic equivalent reading of the Aramaic, ie, Messiah was in torment on the cross, and asking why Alaha "spared" Him would be like saying, "Why have you reviled / taunted Me (by not bring death yet)?

if this is a viable option, it creates an intriguing alternate possibility:

BOTH meanings of the Aramaic SH'WAQ were intended, and not merely "forsake" over "spare," or vice versa. if this works, it would show that the majority of translators understood His Aramaic word in the sense of "forsake," and Bezae and a few Old Latin versions saw it instead as "spare."


Chayim b'Moshiach,

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