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Concerning the Cross and the Pole

there is nothing wrong with the cross. if you want great evidence for this, look into the real Hebrew alphabet, what is known as the Old Negev. everything else is influenced from the Aramaic letter constructions.

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look at the letter TAW. it is clearly a cross, and this is the form of Hebrew used BEFORE the Exodus events, so it predates PaleoHebrew, which was influenced by the Aramaics script.

as it developed, the letter forms changed. other cultures took the "cross" shape and did use them for their own pagan purposes, but let's be clear: it is IN the alphabet of the most ancient Hebrew ever found, so don't be swayed by the things you hear in the Sacred Name movement. i've been intimately involved with that community for many years, and i can say that although there is great and sincere zeal for the Word, the movement is simply fraught with very poor scholarship and a tendency to promote these errors without looking into them to see if they are correct or not.

i myself am "Hebrew-Roots," if i must be labeled, so i am not against the SN movement per se, but simply see the reality of the situation. sure the cross has been used by pagans, but what of it? where's the issue? stars and planets and all manner of things have been corrupted by pagans for their use, but they still are creations that belong to the Creator, so let us not take an attitude that they are evil or perverse simply because they have been "adopted" by pagans.

the cross sign is not wicked, or you have to say that the most ancient form of Hebrew -- indeed, the only TRUE form of Hebrew letters that we have, have been infected with paganism. try not to put something that developed later back on something that came prior, and was in use in the Hebrew alphabet.

i hope that helps clear things up. keep seeking the truth!

Chayim b'Moshiach,

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