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Concerning the Cross and the Pole
This is an email I sent to AENT, but I haven't recieved a response, so I suppose it may have been the wrong people to send it to, and since the editor of the AENT browses these forums, I thought perhaps I would copy and paste it here. Please bear in mind this was written in a hurry, but nonetheless, contains the message and questions I have concerning the issue between the cross and the pole.

Quote:I just wanted to bring this up and hope that some more detail might be presented to shed light on the subject of the pole vs the cross. I've done a brief study on the Romans and have found that they used 4 different ways to crucify (crux) or torture those they put to death in this way. I've found that they used a T, t, X and I shaped tool for this work, and while the original language does indeed mean a pole, should we not take into account that while Moshe did indeed lift a serpent upon a pole, that this was merely a shadow of things to come and doesn't have to mean literally the shape upon which Mashiyach was put to death upon? And following this same line of thinking, shouldn't we take into account that the Romans we're of pagan origin, therefore their tools weren't Hebrew by any means, thus making the cross a possible truth? And on another note, what archeological evidence do we have which supports either an I or a t that he was murdered upon, or even an X or T for that matter? Don't get me wrong, I want truth as much as you, so I'm willing to listen and be taught, but with that said, what evidence is present other than the meaning of the ancient texts, that very well may meant a pole (as in I) or something likened to this I pole? Please forgive me, this message is well written, I've done the best I can, I'm just wanting clarification and perhaps evidence to support one view or another. I am called by Elohim to carry a cross, or more specifically the t-shape cross, and I don't believe I was inspired by a pagan spirit to do so, and looking at the fruit from others who have done so in the past, carrying the same object, have to take a step back and wonder if in all of this concern for meaning behind the pole vs the cross if we're straining the gnats but swallowing the camels. If the pole upon which Moshe lifted the serpent upon was a shadow, who's to say that the cross which Christians use as another shadow (while many Christians, but especially Catholics use it as a symbol of authority or mysticism, matters not in my context, as I'm speaking for those of us that see it as a shadow of things to come) of the same pole of Moshe? Meh, I have to stop, I'm no scholar and my writing is very disorganized right now.

Shalom... and thank you for your translation, it has been a valuable tool to my family and I,
Jonathan Elijah

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