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Acts 7:16 and Genesis 33:18 contradiction
Let me ask you, do you believe that every single monologue spoken by a human recorded in the Bible is free of error? Of course not. Stephen was a man, and as such, he could make errors. Just because we have his error recorded in the Bible doesn't make the Bible any less perfect.

That is my angle, without going too much into the details of how inspiration works etc.

Edit: i still wanted to say, though, that if you accept this as a "contradiction" so quickly, you may actually lack the understanding of the intricacies of God's word (Or any complex text for that matter). Written words are a very ineffective method of communication, yet God made the best possible use of this method. The result of this use is not a billion-page long Book that contains all information to the smallest detail, but a book that is concise and compressed, and that often times asks for expansion and decompression, if one wants to get to the bottom of a matter. There are many illustrative examples of this, i will provide you with some, if you please.
Jesus is the one true God of the Bible.

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