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"Timothy" variant pronunciation
Shlama all,

See this thread for the discussion of Cornelius:

The conclusion was that the Peshitta had the Aramaic spelling of the name Cornelius in Latin vocative case, reflecting that the angel was most likely addressing Cornelius in Latin, his mother tongue (being of the Italian regiment).

With Timothy, it seems something similar is at work, except that the Peshitta Aramaic does not have the vocative case spelling in all cases that the Greek does. In particular, Timothy is in vocative case in Greek only for 1 Tim 1:18 and 1 Tim 6:20. In the former case, Timothy is spelled Timotheos like a Greek nominative, but in the latter case, we find it spelled as Timothee like the Greek vocative. The latter case also has the vocative emphasized with the particle "O" present in both Greek and the Peshitta, spelled differently in Greek and Aramaic, naturally.

I'm not sure what to make of the slight difference between the Greek and the Peshitta. Both Aramaic-to-Greek and Greek-to-Aramaic explanations of this seem plausible to me.

bar Sinko

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