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On the "Western Five" extra-Peshitta books
Hello, positron.

You stated "Of course Western Canon of SOC has 5 books reconstructed from Greek Text but Eastern Canon did not bother to include them for some theological reason." Then you continued down the hill from there.

What "theological reason" do you think kept those five books from the Peshitta? I'm not aware of any.

I'm having difficulty following your many posts. You seem to be camping out on false assumptions.

If you don't know why the Peshitta has 22 books instead of 27, then ask that question (which you did); but do not cavalierly answer your own question and then continue on (which you also did). This question has been answered many times before. Please search the forums. If you need help with doing that, then please ask.


-Doug "Whitey" Jackson

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