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On the "Western Five" extra-Peshitta books
Shlama Mishpacha,

You fine folks realize already that I???m not an Aramaic scholar (though I wish it were otherwise), but for some reason I feel compelled to let not the final word end here; that is, with Gwynn & Co.???s outstanding work.

I really desire the presence of Dave Bauscher???s own voice on this matter, and not for contention, but for unity???s sake (not that he???s at fault for every contention we???ve ever had on this forum ??? and besides, he???s also been right about innumerable things). But, in his absence, I feel a longing to not let his true scholarship sink to the bottom of the sea.

I cannot judge with trained eyes as Paul and Andrew and Dave can, nor of our titanic vicars of Syriac scholarship from days gone by, but I can in the present do what I???m most trained to do, and that is to ask questions.

So, all this prelude for this singular reason:

I intend to share some things from Dave???s magnum opus, ???The Peshitta Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament???, from ???The Revelation of The Apostle John??? ??????. and I cannot possibly type as fast as I???d hope, so it may be coming out in sections; bear with me, please.

Not intending to start war here, I really want the voice of some ??? at least ??? of his pages to be heard. In fact, what might make this easier is:

Paul and Andrew, do you have copies of his work; and if so, are you thoroughly familiar with it already? I ask, because perhaps it???d save me some of the burden of trying to quote some things, and I surely can???t post everything as they are laid out. Also a note of importance:

I have no intention whatsoever of bringing up ???the codes issue???. I???d simply like for Dave???s scholarly evidences / opinions to stand alongside yours (also in tempo with Otto???s inquisitiveness), and mete this thing out just a little deeper. You know ??? to see if Dave???s analyses on Crawford might not add anything potentially paradigm-shifting to this matter, before moving on with a said and done.

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