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On the "Western Five" extra-Peshitta books
Quote:Which leave me wondering if the PeshittA lines up with the Western Text type why is there only a hand-full of the Western Texts as opposed to the others?

The Eastern Peshitta Text, agrees more often with the Byzantine/Majority/TR text, but not always, sometimes with the Alexandrian and other families, such as the Western text...clearly demonstrating that it is not a translation of any Greek text, but they all flowing out from it.

The reason that older Byzantine Manuscripts have not been found, is the fact that these were the most used and worn out, and replaced with newer copies, the former being made of Papyrus material in the 1st to 3rd century, which didn?t last too long...these "byzantine" type of texts, which text (Byzantine) is still the official Greek text of the ancient Greek Orthodox Church, by far having the most copies (thousands) than the very very few Alexandrian text type mss, which were less used and either tucked away in the Vatican library (The Vaticanus) or used as scrap paper in an Egyptian Monastery (The Sinaticus), being full of scribal mistakes and not fit for further copies.

I've done an extensive study on the variants of the four main Greek text families, and find that the Byzantine text, lines up much more with the Eastern Peshitta Text, and is witnessed to much more often in the Greek Church Fathers quotations when they taught from the Scriptures they had in hand in the late 1st to the early 3rd century.


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