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On the "Western Five" extra-Peshitta books
It is also believed by some that the Book of Revelation was written by Yo-Khawnawn the Presbyter/Elder.

SEE: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... the_nt.pdf</a><!-- m -->
(This PDF references some of the quotes mentioned above)

If the Books of 2nd and 3rd Yo-Khawnawn and the Book of Revelation was written by the Presbyter and not the Apostle then that would be a good reason not to have included them in the PeshittA!

Personally, I still like the Book of Revelation and will continue to study it, and will have to use English translations of the Crawford Codex for such purposes (Bauscher's and Trimm's English translations of Revelation). I also find nothing wrong within the other 4 Western 5 Books and I am wondering which Text is considered to be the most authentic of these other 4 of the Western 5 Books. Which Greek Text shows to be the most authentic or does the Crawford Codex show to be more authentic of these 4 book of the so-called Western 5?

I am already completely convinced that the Eastern PeshittA is the most authentic we have for the other 22 Books and that they were written by the Apostles and delivered to the COE, and that the Khaboris Codex is the oldest copy we have available as of today (And it will be nice once an accurate English translation becomes available to the general public free of charge). Yet I am still left with a need to know which Ancient Text of II Kepha, II @ III Yo-Khawnawn, as well as the Book of Yehudah is the most authentic so I can figure out which English translation I should study. So based on textural studies which Ancient Text is the most authentic? And if Greek which one (e.g. - Alexandrian, Egyptian, Eclectic, Byzantine, Western, etc..)? According to the Wikapedia online Encyclopedia the Alexandrian Texts are the Oldest and definitely the most frequent of Greek Text type within the 2nd and 3rd centuries (<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... anuscripts</a><!-- m -->). Which leave me wondering if the PeshittA lines up with the Western Text type why is there only a hand-full of the Western Texts as opposed to the others?

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