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On the "Western Five" extra-Peshitta books
Rafa Wrote:
Andrej Wrote:
distazo Wrote:Still wondering; the crawford codex (which includes the 5) does not seem to be a Greek translation at all.
It's a pity that these documents do not have the respect they deserve.
Same thing i thought. To me, Crawford is the top candidate for divine preservation.

The ACOE does not include these books in it's canon. The bible did not drop from the sky,these books were not part of ACOE tradition and we must respect that.
Yes, but i always hear "the ACOE never formally agreed on a canon" and stuff, but the greater partof the world did. i am not saying they shoud do what the world does, or that they need a formal statement, but they do seem biased concerning the topic (i got that impression several times). And that doesn't add up.

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