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On the "Western Five" extra-Peshitta books
Shlama Andrej,

Andrej Wrote:1) does the CoE use the W5 at all?
2) if yes, do they believe them to be inspired, like the rest of the NT?
3) do they believe them to be originally written in aramaic
4) do they believe them to be preserved in aramaic
5) What is the most common used text for the CoE?
6) are there fractions with 22 books that believe the W5 not to be part of the NT?

7) What about the other aramaic churches?

The CoE does not use the W5 at all. We do not hold any official opinion on their inspiration, original language, or any other topic related to these books. We do not have them in our canon, because the books delivered to us never contained them, and we never added them.

We respect that other branches of "Christendom" accept them as canonical. Like we respect that even others consider books like the Epistle to Clement to be canonical.

Other Aramaic churches, exclusively in the western empire, eventually translated them from Greek and gradually began to make use of them in other versions they created. Not all revised their copies of the Peshitta. Some created new versions with varying reception and rejection, others added them to the end with explanations of their origin.


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