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On the "Western Five" extra-Peshitta books
Aaron S Wrote:This is also the conclusion of modern scholars, who consider them pseudepigrapical works .
if we are to let modern scolarship decidethis matter, almost none of the bible books were written by their claimed authors. Not a good indication.
konway87 Wrote:Isn't Noah tenth person counting from Adam?
Why would "person" mean "generation"? Should we apply that interpretation all over the bible? No connection whatsoever here. Of course he was referring to the eight people saved on the ark, possibly Noah being the eight of them by age.

Quote:As you know, 2nd Peter is very similar to Jude's Epistle. Since Jude's Epistle refers to apostles as a third party (Jude 1:17), he cannot be identified with Apostle Jude. So I don't think Kaypha Shlikha wrote 2nd Peter.
i think i can remember similar phrases from paul, i might be wrong though.

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