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On the "Western Five" extra-Peshitta books
This is also the conclusion of modern scholars, who consider them pseudepigrapical works (See Wikipedia: Pseudepigraph, Wikipedia: Second Epistle of Peter: Composition: Authorship), & Wikipedia: Epistle of Jude: Jude and 2 Peter). Though we know Peshitto Jude to be a translation, consider that the phrase 'the apostles of our Master Yeshua the Anointed' may be understood in modern English as 'our Master Yeshua the Anointed's apostles'. In this sense, it's completely reasonable that he wouldn't write it as us, because the emphasis is on whose apostles they are.

Perhaps it intends to read "Noah's eight" or "Noah of the eight he saved"; see 1Peter 3:20.

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