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SEVENTEEN More Days Till Mari/P.E.A.C.E. !!
Andrew, if it wasnt for your exclusion of the "Western 5" (which I am assuming are excluded because you are following the Eastern church's canon), then I would be ecstatic about your translation? Why? Cause although I am a sinful non-practicer, my religious of choice is torah-observant christianity, aka Messianic Judaism. (Although i dislike this term, cause you dont have to be Jewish to worship the Messiah, only a grafted sraelite). Your New Testament seems absolutely perfect, although I wish it did follow the same texts as Daves, in which he has pretty convincing evidence for some sort of divine messages through the 1905 text.

What I plan to do is get Dave's new testament when he is done with all revisions, errors, etc., then attempt to run his new testament through a program in which i can change all the "lord jehovah"s into YHWH's, and "God"s into Elohims. Thus shall that be my reading text, but you were sooooo close to what I wanted. Anyway, much thanks for your efforts and God bless you for what you have done for the new testament believing public!

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