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Hi, just wanted to say Hi to everyone. I'm new here. I recently became a Peshitta fan after looking into the most acurate translations to learn the Word of God from. I came across Christopher Lancasters website and learned about Aramaic Primacy and was very amazed at what the Aramaic revealed. My name is Paul and I am a hobbiest programmer. It I get permission from the author's here I would like to make a module for the Esword Bible program for download. I don't believe there currently is one. If you don't know that program its very good and found at <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->. Additionally, I'm a programmer also and might make my own search tool complete with handling of Aramaic type fonts. I have yet a lot to learn about Aramaic. I'm very knowledgable about many Bible subjects which is why I believe I'm attracted to Peshitta.

Hi Paul,

Welcome to this forum! I am glad to see you here. It would be really great if you could make a Syriac Peshitta module for Esword Bible program for download, because this is the most important module that great free software currently lack now. It would also be great if you have 2 type of fonts for this module - one in Syriac and another in Hebrew fonts so that those who are not familiar with Syriac fonts could read it in Hebrew.

May God bless you for volunteering your time.

Also check out Dave Bauscher's translation of Aramaic Peshitta at Currently available : Gospels of John and Mark. Once Bauscher completed his translation, it would be great if you could help to convert his pdf files into a MySQL database or HTML or XML formats or even develop a search tool to make his translation searchable.

I am also glad to hear that you have deep interest in Bible subjects.

Peace be with you,

Dan Gan
One of the first owners of the facsimile of <a href=""><b>Codex Leningrad</b></a>
Thanks Dan. Yes, I'll do whatever I can.


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