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Hebrews 7:3;6
Brikh safro!

I wonder if you could give me some advice regarding Hebrews7 of the Peshitta version.

I was looking at verses 3 and 6 (ed. British & For. Bible soc.).
(sorry about translit. here)
(3) d'lo abw(h)i w'lo emeh ethkteb b'sharbothe
Does (3) translate as: neither his father nor his mother [are written/ recorded -what sort of verb is this?] in the genealogies.
Could this mean Melchizedek has no genealogy (LXX: agenealogetos [a-pator]) - or that he was simply not recorded in them. And here:
(6) hono dein d'lo ktib b'sharbothhun
Here the same question: this [man] is not recorded/written in their genealogies.
He is not recorded in their genealogies (but potentially could be??)

It seems like a very different reading!

Also, throughout Jesus is described 'b'dmutho d'malqisedeq' - Does this word IN ANY WAY imply 'order' as in priestly order - like our eng trans of the bible?

Taudi sagi!!


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