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New Interlinear Project
By the way Dave, you kind of glazed over the part where I shot down your syriac hero's, didn't ya? That is not like you.

Some thoughts for you:

When Murdock made his translation, why hasn't it made inroads into the Christian community here in America? In fact, it died a very short time after his death.

How about Lamsa? Why hasn't The Lord Jesus led His sheepfold over to this particular translation if it was this "secret language" that everyone needed and had been hidden all this time from the western world? It too died shortly after his death and is held onto by a very small sect of whatnots and weirdos.

What about the latest attemp here, somewhere we have to have someone strike the heart of GOD's people here to accept this particular language, don't we? Shoot, it is the mother of all languages that spawned the greek manuscripts, or so you and others keep saying. How about mister Victor Alexander's translation? Nope, dead from the start, right from the beginning too.

What about all these 100's of translations that have came out ever since the Geneva and King James? Why don't they last?

What is happening here Dave? Is it really just a bias to the greek or scholarly concensus like some have said and hid behind before, or is it possible,......just maybe possible,...... that GOD refuses to accept it? Maybe GOD's people refuse to listen to mankind on such things also, huh?

Did you ever think that maybe those particular greek/old latin manuscripts and the 5 Waldensian bibles they used in the King James Bible translation was the closest to the originals and the fire of The Holy Spirit and the faith from those first century Apostles resides more in those words than in the syriac words? <--------(hint, hint)

But that is talking about spiritual things that are not even considered by scholars and translators when you talk about GOD's word, huh? Everyone just wants the most exact word-for-word translation, they are not even thinking about these so-called "spiritual" things.

This I do know though, GOD's people will only move when HE tells them to. So if a translation arose that was actually sanctioned by GOD, HE would move HIS people to it immediately. For once, one translation would actually be held up as the standard instead of the King James.

Those who are HIS faithful will wait upon HIM.

Enough for now.
What heroes ? I never looked at any of those men as heroes. I haven't found Lamsa's or Murdock's as very accurate translations.

Quote:Did you ever think that maybe those particular greek/old latin manuscripts and the 5 Waldensian bibles they used in the King James Bible translation was the closest to the originals and the fire of The Holy Spirit and the faith from those first century Apostles resides more in those words than in the syriac words? <--------(hint, hint)

But that is talking about spiritual things that are not even considered by scholars and translators when you talk about GOD's word, huh? Everyone just wants the most exact word-for-word translation, they are not even thinking about these so-called "spiritual" things.

Dave, these words reveal that you are a child. If you knew about spiritual things, you would not utter such foolishness. The Waldenses were persecuted and killed, and their Bibles destroyed. The Latin mss. are the mss. of the largest church in the world- The Roman Catholic Church, of which you are not a member. There are more Muslims in the world than Pentecostals. Does that mean God favors Islam ?

Where do you get your principles ? Certainly not from the words of Him who said "If the world has hated Me, it will hate you also" , and again, "Joh 15:20 Remember the word that I spoke to you, That there is no servant, who is greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; and if they have observed my teaching, they will also observe yours.

You need a new hand book, Dave.

Luke 6:26 Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets.

22 Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man???s sake.
23 Rejoice ye in that day, and leap for joy: for, behold, your reward is great in heaven: for in the like manner did their fathers unto the prophets.

The prosperity gospel is of Satan, not Christ.


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This is funny really.

You need to read more up on the Waldensians and what was used in the King James version more. Here is a sniplet:

Quote:Waldensian influence, both from the Waldensian Bibles and from Waldensian relationships, entered into the King James translation of 1611. Referring to the King James translators, one author speaks thus of a Waldensian Bible they used:

It is known that among modern versions they consulted was an Italian, and though no name is mentioned, there cannot be room for doubt that it was the elegant translation made with great ability from the original Scriptures by Giovanni Diodati, which had only recently (1607) appeared at Geneva. (Dr. Benjamin Warfield, Princeton Univ., Collection of Opinions and Reviews, Vol. 2, p. 99.)

It is therefore evident that the translators of 1611 had before them four Bibles which had come under Waldensian influences: the Diodati in Italian, the Olivetan in French, the Lutheran in German, and the Genevan in English. We have every reason to believe that they had access to at least six Waldensian Bibles written in the old Waldensian vernacular.

I can readily admit I was wrong here, I said 5, they say 6, ok so I was wrong. Here is the website:

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Come on Dave, do you just ignore truth and realism and throw some scripture out there to justify yourself whilst condeming another, than be done with it, all in the attempt to ignore what someone says????

And what is that statement from you about prosperity suppose to mean? Do you really want to call the workings of The Holy Spirit of satan??

Don't you realize how GOD works through HIS people? Are you saying that GOD does not prosper HIS people and have HIS hand fully involved in directing those who desire to do HIS will for them??

You must be joking, right Dave?

Do you even realize the scripture texts that you post at times?

"Blessed are ye, when men shall hate thee,"

Hello here, ya when mankind hates you, IE hates the Christian, the set-apart/Holy one, not when that very person of GOD is chastising you and others for your wrong doings and your incorrect ways.

Let me buy you a clue here Dave, I'm not a part of mankind anymore there buddy, as if you didn't know.

So how would this scripture apply to me other than it saying that by you hating me and the truth I bring forth, that it would thereby place you as a part of mankind? Your obviously quite aware of my full reliance upon GOD for HIS will, my born-again experience that I shove in your face and others whenever possible, I'm also sure that you know that I claim the presence of The Holy Spirit living inside of me with the witness of languages (tongues) following, exactly like the first century Christians went through, in word and deed, like the scriptures say. The reliance on the Blood of Jesus for salvation, the baptism afterwards in the name of The Lord Jesus, what else is there that you need to know that I went through to understand how that I was bought and paid for by Jesus? Do you want to watch me speak in tongues sometime? You tell me, what part of "I'm born anew" do you not understand from me?

Look up that word Abba in an israeli dictionary and you will find it says "a father unto HIS own people." Not a father unto everyone else, just those who HE has saved, just like it says at the end of acts chapter 2, those who were being saved or given life as the syriac text says. The term "saved" or delivered is more descriptive of the old testament prophecy, hence explains why GOD would choose to witness to it in the greek rather than the syriac term.

So how would you assume that I would be a part of mankind unless you have never experienced that set-apart experience for yourself in your life and you do not have that royal blood running in your veins. It has to be for you to have such a blantantly wrong usage of the scriptures towards me and others at times, especially for you to call GOD's prosperity of satan.

Hmmmm, just how much has this bland translation made inroads into GOD's church here Dave? Who is using this besides the non-Spirit filled church's? It would seem that the only ones really making any use of it are the ones that want to continue to live under the law, the messianic judaiser types. The ones that believe that the law was not removed, when in fact, GOD nailed it upon the cross. They seem to be the majority that want to follow this. And you know what, they can just keep on following it, it's not like they are concerned with anything except themselves and their so-called culturistic inheritance at times, surely not anything that GOD needs. You certainly don't hear GOD speaking through them.

I think that when you made your statement about prosperity, you were stating your unbelief in how GOD works through HIS people on a daily basis. Do you really think that the furtherance of the greek scriptures were a complete and utter mistake, a turn of events designed by mankind, that GOD had no hand in the outcome of it whatsoever? Do you believe that Dave? That GOD had no hand in HIS own word and how it would get to HIS people? That GOD would have just hid it away for years from HIS own people?

Is that what you mean when you say that prosperity is of satan? Maybe that you have no movement of GOD on a daily basis in your life so why would anyone else? That statement out of you is interesting in many ways Dave. Are you stating your unbelief in this?

Tell me here Dave, what has happened with all these syriac translations thus far? Let's have an account here. Have they transformed HIS church now that they are out there for everyone to see and use? Come on, you can tell me here, have they been uplifted and held as "the" standard in HIS church now? They are now fully out there for use. You know the answer in this. They died out as soon as they were finished, sometimes faster than that, in the case of Victor Alexanders. Shoot, Paul didn't even get his finished on here. Explain that to me and others Dave?! "My burden is light" yet Paul had to get away from it because he was unable to stand it anymore. That is not the talk of someone commissioned by GOD to do this sort of thing, and definitely Paul would have had more claim to fame on this because of his upbringing and knowledge in the language, yet his translation appears to have died out also. He, of all people, was trying to be honest in the translation I believe instead of promoting their bias in it, from what I can tell.

Come on Dave, where is this big awakening that Lamsa and others hoped for when they brought this out??

Where are all the proceeds from this also? Where are all the big lines of people wanting to buy a brand spanking new syriac translation bible here in America buddy? I mean let's get real here Dave, shall we? Where are they at?

Need I go further for you Dave? That is the truth there Dave, that is the realism of it, and that is GOD fully standing against this culturistic infiltration by satan. HE wants something strong for HIS people not something weak of the world, and you won't find that needed fire in this syriac translation, no matter how exact or in what format someone puts it in.

I've seen people go out of their way to lie about this and that because of their bias, to make things out of it that wasn't, such as the drash hypothesis of Paul's, to hide it under the format of the King James like Lamsa, etc., and steadily The Holy Spirit is not mocked.

I need a new handbook huh? Don't worry, GOD is working on this through me at the moment, but it is not just for me. Also, when a person is commissioned for their calling, they will have everything that they need for their job at hand, and it will be provided by The Lord.

Believe me, you can bet your bankroll on this buddy, GOD will provide something new for HIS people, but only because someone reached up in prayer asking for it, and HE answered them by utilizing a person with the heart that HE required for such a work, elsewise, HE would continue to progress with the standard that HE currently utilizes.

I'm surprised at you Dave, you read what GOD speaks through me at times yet you call HIS prosperity of satan, that was not wise.
How about we hit something a little more closer to home here for you Dave, what has all this numbers cruching got for Jesus that you have done so far?

What has it accomplished? Did you win more souls for Christ in these endeavors?

Do tell us Dave, what has all of these so-called worldly measures to GOD's word done for Jesus here? Has it had any impact on Christianity here in America whatsoever?

Did it bring in the people to this great syriac translation by the droves that you lobbyed so hard for in the process? Did it prove anything to the people, or did they just freaking ignore you?

Do tell us Dave, what has all that numbers crunching accomplished besides make you look like a quack in the process, like a few others?

What has it done Dave?

How have you furthered the work of Christ with it?

You know the old saying "Middle age is past, only things done for Christ last." So tell us Dave, how has this codes crap that you have promoted so vehemently here for the last few years furthered the work for Christ?

What lasting impression has this had besides give Jesus a bad image of His people in front of everyone?!

To be honest, is Christianity actually paying attention to you in these endeavors, or do they ignore you because it would be a waste of time? I think the later.

Need I go further? Here you are calling me a child yet you are dabbling around with these little nonsense things that have had zero impact on Christianity, and I bet there is zero instances of those things that Jesus told us would be happening to those who were followers of His, through you. No healings, no tongues, no signs, nothing.

Zero impact on Christianity, a complete waste of time from you, and you wonder why people like Kiraz would not publish a book from you.

Yet you call me a child.

I think you need to look at yourself much more closer instead of spitting out little remarks like that. What's a matter, are you angry that GOD has not blessed all of these endeavors and they fall flat on the ground as soon as they are produced by you? Is any true born-again Christian actually interested in them at all besides your fan club personnel on here?

So tell us Dave, what have you to show for all of this mindless number cruching you have done supposedly in the name of GOD?!

Your quite aware of the answer. It has had zero impact. No one has really picked up on it and no one has really cared whatsoever, the whole time.

Why is this Dave?

You wanna know why? Because GOD is not concerned about you or anyone else playing around with these measely things. It is a waste of time no matter how interesting it may seem, and HE is not about to put HIS blessing on such activities that do nothing more than distract from things that HE desires HIS people to be truly doing. Oh it appears interesting at first, but when you take such things to GOD to see what HE thinks about it, HE tells you to avoid it. Straight up. Just a waste of time when I and others can be doing something much more productive for HIM, of HIS choice.

Before you get childish and resort to name calling again Dave, why not check yourself first pal.
Rev. Bauscher,

Don't pay any undue attention to Dave. The idiot really believes that by throwing around the word "dialect" he might impress us into thinking that he actually knows what the word means.

For someone to have come here and lectured about how the Holy Spirit is a "broad", to borrow a word from a specific dialect of American English, and then to repeatedly announce his premature departure....only to come back and make himself look foolish again with his blatant racism (I don't care who your first wife was, Dave) - convinces me once and for all that he truly is, in all senses of the word, an Internet Troll. (for a definition of an Internet Troll, see the following: ).

The best way to deal with Internet Trolls is to ignore them, thus depriving them of the one thing they desire the most - drawing attention to themselves in order to fulfill some unmet childhood need.

Anyway, here is a map of the various American Dialects of English, and the link to the webpage which explains exactly what a "dialect" is and why all languages are made up of them......not the way Dave thinks that a dialect is something outside of a language or that there was ever such a thing as "Aramaic." There was never such a thing as "Aramaic" - Aramaic was, is and always will be a series of dialects just like the map below of dialects of American English. Incidentally, there is no single entity known as "English." Never was, is not now, and never will be. This is how the dynamics of human speech works. But again, we can't expect Internet Trolls to know that.

[Image: diausasm.gif]

Here's the page:

See, Rev. Bauscher - Internet Trolls don't bother to edumacate themselves on the terms they so loosely throw around, so in the end they fail in their objective to make us think they are actually intelligent enough to have a conversation or debate on our level. Ignore an Internet Troll and it will go away.

Now, Rev. Bauscher - this is a really important point so I'd like for you to think and comment on it. After reading the material above about the various American dialects of English - answer this one question for me ........p-l-e-a-s-e.

Imagine Jesus was actually born and raised near the Accabonac Creek in eastern Long Island, and spoke the Bonac Dialect of American English. Now, wouldn't a New Testament that recorded His words, but say in the Ocracoke Dialect of American English, be of far greater value than a New Testament that was not only *not* in any sort of English Dialect, but not even in English or even in a language that was part of the Indo-European family (let's say it was a language of the Altaic family, like Turkish for instance.)

Now, which would be more valuable? An "Ocracoke American English" New Testament which recorded the "Bonac American English" words of Jesus - or, a Turkish New Testament?

I know, Dave, I know. You're leaving again - this time for good.
+Shamasha Paul bar-Shimun de'Beth-Younan
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Heh, what's a matter Paul, am I hitting too close to home on your friend here with the truth?

What's a matter guys, does truth hurt here? Every one of those questions was truth, complete truth guys. What has all this lobbying done so far for this so-called war against the greek? Has GOD been moved to hold your loving language up as "the" standard in HIS churches?

The answer to these questions is very, very little and no.

Look over those questions, every one of them was completely valid here.

The problem with this is that you guys, both of you guys being educated, refuse to face this fact that I point out. Both of you guys refuse to face the fact that GOD is directing all these things, and has directed it from the beginning, and that what HE currently uses was no mistake on HIS part.

HE takes complete and full responsibility for the usage of the greek in HIS churches instead of the syriac.

And what is a matter Paul, are you attempting to pin a racial guilt upon me? Am I the one so distraunt over the so-called reinventing of this semitic man of GOD into a greek "Christ" that you just have to change the language no matter what? You admitted this to us on here, your major ambition in the translation of this, even the website itself was to change this because you "felt" this was completely wrong.

Again, GOD still accepts total responsibility for the usage of the greek in HIS born-again churches yet you and others think that it was some anti-semitic plot by the church of Christ to use greek instead of some semitic language.

I'm not the racial one here buddy, nor will I allow your particular brand of racism to make me feel guilty over anything. Try another angle here buddy, that one won't work. There is no condemnation for those with Christ.

By the way, if you pay attention to that "feminine" aspect I was pointing out about The Spirit in the old testament, way back when, you will see my total attention to questioning the whole aspect from the new testament view. Do I go about from that point on calling The Holy Spirit a female?

Do I Paul? Read it up, I was very careful about what I was saying.

The answer is No, but you want to hold that over my head as if I considered The Holy Spirit a female from that point on. I pointed out the collected evidence for you and your syriac langauge to clarify, but you and it was unable to. It was interesting to see how the syriac was taking additional measures to point out gender whilst the greek would remain neutral, which at some points, was to it's advantage.

Quote:debate on our level

Debate? Didn't the Apostle Paul say that debates were useless? And what is this pride you have here in this little sentence? Are you really that great Paul? Didn't HE say that HE would use the weak to confound the wise? I think your overstating yourself here and you should do like Dave needs to do, look at yourself some before you speak like that to people.

I threaten you because I ask those questions that you don't like, I go in the places the others won't with those questions.

I ask those questions that demand an account from you and others and your completely unable to provide an answer because it would hurt your pride, and also those ambitions that you have completed have you backed in a corner, even if you wanted to be honest about it.

You know those questions are completely valid, yet you and your buddy Dave still stick to your guns with this primacy thing, doing things outside of the will of GOD, actually thinking that your doing HIM some sort of justice when HE could care less about it. Yes, the translation of this is of use to do comparison to the greek, but that is as far as it goes. The base will be the greek in accordance with what HE has established for centuries already, and anyone smart enough would never mess with what HE has established unless they have a commission directly from HIM, to do so.

Where is the fire of The Holy Spirit in this syriac language? Where is the faith from the first century Apostles at in this when I read it? Where is the strength in this?

There is none. There is no witness of The Holy Spirit when I read this particular translation, but let me break open a greek or old latin based translation of old, and boom, there is the presence of The Holy Spirit dropping down in the room as I read it out loud. The closer the manuscript was to the original, the greater the witness. I've had it happen with the bezae text, I had it happen with the leige manuscript, etc. HE is the witness, not some language because it is a language. That is as childish in thought as can be when it comes to the things of GOD. You never pursue something without getting the answer directly from HIM with multiple witnesses. You just don't no matter what thoughts may run in your mind, you pursue it in prayer until you have the direct revelation from HIM, that you know that you know that you know, from within. That, is the way you allow HIM to direct your path when it comes to HIS will.

By the way Paul, why would this translation be a burden so heavy that you couldn't stand it anymore? Jesus's burden is light, why is this happening? Hmmm, maybe you are not called to do such a thing? I know that would be hard to swallow looking at your background and your upbringing, but maybe GOD does not trust your heart?

And what about you Paul? I have questioned Dave on his so-called signs and wonders that Jesus said His followers would be exibiting on a regular basis, what about you Paul? I freely admit to such things, they are a regular occurance at various points in my walk with Him, what about you?

Yea, why not, let's go there. Are you born again Paul, do you have those things happening that Jesus said would be happening or are you just another catholic appearing as a born-again Christian? Let's hear your confession of faith here. I freely give mine, let's hear some proof from you. Jesus is Lord in my heart and The Holy Spirit arrived within me quite a few years ago, what about you Paul?

Why do I ask? Because I feel you living behind something that your not. You hate the word Christian yet you should be proud of it. If Jesus lived in your heart, culturistic differences would never be a part of you, and you certainly wouldn't be making things up to pin some sort of guilt upon me or anyone else.

Come on Paul, let's hear when you was born anew. What did you do to experience this new birth? What did you say? Let's hear your personal experience the day that you gave your heart to Jesus. I will gladly share my experience with you of that day back on January 3 1992, at 3:30 in the morning. Mine was very, very dramatic, satan basically pleaded with me not to accept Christ. Let's hear about yours.
Think about this stuff.

Just clear the table and honestly ask yourselves some of these questions. What exactly has GOD done with all of this so-called "proof" that has been recycled through this website and others? What can you say that has been honestly done with it by GOD in HIS church?

I mean it, just be honest here. Step back and look at it all then tell me what HE has used of all of this in HIS church. I see nothing. I've watched for some time and I've looked at a lot of things, not just here on this site, but a few others, and all of them appear to be floundering as the days go by, that promote this particular agenda.

One of the big things I look for is something called a Spiritual blessing from GOD in things. And to be honest, it is nowhere in these things that go about shutting down the greek scriptures. I get no touch from heaven within my chest on these things. I get no uplifting at all when I read these things.

Look at Dave and his work that does nothing but distract from what Jesus left us to be doing. Look at some of these things. What about all of these books by individuals that do nothing but cause divisions and such, and uplift some sort of respect for persons that Jesus just loves to hate.

Where has GOD been in all of this, other than sitting back and shaking HIS head? You ought to be hard enough on yourselves to be asking these same questions.

I haven't seen GOD change a single thing here in good ol America with this doctrine you guys preach. I'm watching this doctrine die a relatively fast death as the days go by here. And you know what, I'll start praying harder for that. I can't see any use for these writings other than to correct some small sections in the greek when needed, but other than that, they just completely lack any sort of faith and fire that would have carried over in them from the first century Christians. Shoot, I get more fire from reading the Odes of Solomon than these new testament syriac writings.

I mean honestly here, how can anyone say that this decends from those first century Christians when it has no fire within it, it offers no life changing quality and faith throughout these writings. I should know, I tend to seek those Spiritual things on a daily basis here as any good born again Christian should. Believe me, if these writings would have had that fire all through them, GOD would have moved HIS people straightway towards them in a hurry, along with me.

Really, this is getting painful to watch. You evangelical types are worse than fanatical Muslims, I swear. For the record, America is 400 years old. And America is not the litmust test.

For the record, my Church existed and was evanglizing Asia for 1,000 years before your even existed....while your ancestors were still worshipping trees in northern Europe, ok? Don't sit there and be the judge of who is a believer and who isn't, you only look foolish.

If you go back far enough in your ancestry, they were Roman Catholic "unsaved" types, too, Dave. You guys are recent offshoots of the Roman Catholic Church, like it or not.

And Dave, seriously, read a book sometime. Aramaic inscriptions in the Syriac dialect go back to 7 AD in places like Bericik and even Jerusalem at the tomb of Queen Helena. Heck, even your beloved Odes of Solomon were written in the first this dialect of Aramaic.

When you say something stoopid again, like "The Syriac dialect didn't exist until the 3rd century", you come across looking like a total idiot. Really, I'm saying this for your benefit because everyone here is laughing at you and you don't even know it. I don't want people to laugh at you.

And finally, I never said I quitted this work. I said I'm taking a break and pausing it while I attend to other aspects of my life right now. I said I've lost interest and inspiration at the moment. You wouldn't understand inspiration since you've never done anything like this or what Rev. Bauscher is doing. You're just an Internet Troll.

The back button on your browser is always available to you should you not like the work we do here or the timetable of the projects. For the life of me, I can't understand why you came here in the first place....less yet why you keep coming back after you volunteer your derrier out.

There are plenty of Greek Primacist websites where you can go and study your Greek Lord. We will study our Aramaic Lord here. They are not the same Lord, the one that talks to me and the one that talks to you is completely different.

Anyway, this is my last post to you because as I said there is no better way to deal with Internet Trolls than to simply ignore them....and I didn't follow my own advice.
+Shamasha Paul bar-Shimun de'Beth-Younan
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Shlama akhi Paul,

Its good to hear from you again. Of course I would choose the Ocracoke Dialect of American English every time
I had the chance, since our Lord grew up on the Long Island Sound.

My last post to Dave must have touched a nerve somewhere. I got over seven screens of response for my one screen to him.

The opposition actually is an encouragement to me. We must be doing something right. I have found that the opposition always comes from those calling themselves born again Christians. They say they love God and His Son, but they seem to be the most vehement in their opposition to the truth when they hear it.
No matter, they cannot win and He cannot lose. Nor can they lose who side with Him and His word.

I know you are reading this Dave, so let me say to you that
all who claim to be born again are not born again.
"By their fruit you will know them", saith the Lord.
"Not every one that says unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that does the will of my Father which is in heaven."
21 ?? Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

As for the signs of Mark 16, I speak and read in five tongues; the text does says tongues, right ? Not just one. I have cast out demons from more than one person and I have seen God heal serious disease like cancer , diabetes and insanity by prayer,anointing with oil and laying on of hands.
I do not do these things on a regular basis. I was born of God on Jan. 3rd, 1973 at a funeral of a young boy 14 years old who committed suicide. I was a close friend of the family and best friend to his older brother who later was best man in my wedding. I married the daughter of the Irish preacher who preached that very powerful funeral sermon.
We married the next year in June. We have 12 children and three grandchildren, of whom we are very proud and for whom we are very grateful.

As to the results of 29 years of preaching ministry, I would like to say what the Apostle Paul said:

4 But in all things approving ourselves as the ministers of God, in much patience, in afflictions, in necessities, in distresses,
5 In stripes, in imprisonments, in tumults, in labours, in watchings, in fastings;
6 By pureness, by knowledge, by longsuffering, by kindness, by the Holy Ghost, by love unfeigned,
7 By the word of truth, by the power of God, by the armour of righteousness on the right hand and on the left,
8 By honour and dishonour, by evil report and good report: as deceivers, and yet true;
9 As unknown, and yet well known; as dying, and, behold, we live; as chastened, and not killed;
10 As sorrowful, yet alway rejoicing; as poor, yet making many rich; as having nothing, and yet possessing all things.

But I lack the stripes and the imprisonments, so I can't.

Someday perhaps I may add those accomplishments to my resume.

Your brand of Christianity and mine are worlds apart , Dave. I doubt you will ever understand. If you can read all the scripture I have sent you and still not get it, I guess nothing else I say will matter.

To be saved, we must find out we're lost. And when we do, The Savior gets all the glory for everything He has done to save us and everything thereafter He does through us. "Salvation is of the LORD." "Without Him , we can do nothing."

"He that glorieth, let him glory in the LORD."

Any man who thinks he is something knows nothing of The LORD Jesus Christ and His work on the cross, where God laid down all His glory and Life to redeem us from eternal death.

I am nothing; you are nothing.
He is everything.


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You disapoint me Paul and Dave. Yet you do pay attention to what I say, you know Who is speaking.

One unsaved who seems to denote some cultural inheritance as his rite to passage, and one who claims it yet thinks spiritual things are learned by worldly means. Dave, I bet you think that the "gift" of Interpretation of Tongues is something that you learn here through books also, huh?

I can't begin to count the amount of languages that have poured through me in prayer at times Dave. Not to be proud, but to give you an idea; Various American Indian dialects, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Aramaic, Tagalog, on and on the list goes. Did I learn any of these Dave? No. As they were uttered through me (you do understand that aspect of The Spirit giving utternace unto a person, correct?), The Lord would speak through me and would describe the different ones that they were at times to me in the process. It was very interesting to have this happen. That gift is also manifested in His church by The Spirit so that The Lord can reveal certain things or break bondages that people may have.

My next gift that I desire is the gift of interpretation so that I can, on occasions, understand what I speak or what another Born-Again Christian speaks in prayer, or make interpretation in church when The Spirit moves in tongues.

But anyways, you guys did answer my all questions on your current status of salvation.

You Dave, claim some interesting things here though. Look at one of your scripture posts here to me:

Quote:21 ?? Not every one who saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he who doeth the will of my Father who is in heaven.

Your throwing this up in my face for what? Are you feeding me ammo here against you Dave?

Look at that word "will" Dave. This is something I was getting at with you here. So GOD blantantly came forth and told you directly, you heard this distictively from HIM, and HE went about witnessing it 2 or more times to you, that HE wanted you to research these codes theories and go about causing division within the Church of Christ over it??

You and I know the answer to that already, that it has nothing to do with the work that Jesus left for us to do.

Do you even understand that your whole theory that you have promoted these years falls to pieces if one book is changed out of sequence? I'm sure you are aware that the time is ripe for GOD to renew HIS books with all this scholarship available to HIS people right now, so you tell me how your theory would hold up if the gospel of Luke was paired up with his account of the Apostles together instead of them being separate like they currently are?

But as you have quoted: "But he who doeth the will of my Father,.."

"Salvation is of The Lord,.." that is exactly right. How do you think I can rightly claim it? He did this for me. He helped me reach up and receive. He gave this life unto me when I asked.

I stand assured and completely knowledgable in He who loved me. This assurance is from Him. Yet you wish to throw some guilt upon me like with the "By their Fruits" scripture quotes. Oh yea, everything is just love and joy and anyone who is not in the love walk is not of Christ. You need to listen to that since it would fit your church type. Our knowledge is what is at odds. Yours is Churchianity mine is Christianity.

I decend from those who received the word and believed, who were baptized shortly there afterwards, and then received The Holy Spirit just like Jesus gave us an example, and then the languages following. That spiritual language is something that both of you are deficient in.

But yea, just like Dave says, mine is different from both of you guys, I claim the same experiences and happenings that occured to the first century Christians and you guys are headed in 2 different directions away from me. In reality we should be on the same path, but it is not happening. I think The Holy Spirit wants to provoke you two into jealously at times so that you would reach up and receive those same things but your easily swayed into thinking it is not of GOD.

But either way, GOD's will is assured and able to be fulfilled now, and HE chose one that will keep his heart with HIM throughout the process, who will let HIM have the say-so over it. Whether you provide a good translation or not here is of no consequence now, HE has provided other means. I think that The Holy Spirit is now throwing it in your faces at times though since you guys and your primacy issues has made HIM wait.

I don't know, you figure it out for yourselves.

I once cast out seven demons from a man. Four of them
spoke in languages other than English. One sounded like an ancient tongue, though I could not make out which.

You are possessed by a lying spirit. The problem is that you accept it as The Holy Spirit. There is no resemblance between your spirit manifested in your words and The Spirit of God.

Rave on, Dave. No one in his right mind can believe you are
speaking from God's Spirit.

If I am wrong, let someone speak on your behalf as a witness for the Truth.

I also challenge you to say that I speak from Satan, as I do of you. Be sure to say it out loud and use my name, Dave Bauscher, if that is what you really believe.

Dave B
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Dave, the gift of interpretation has nothing to do with understanding what particular evil speaks through people when your casting out evil, it has everything to do with understanding what one speaks in their prayer life and others, and in the church when The Holy Spirit is allowed to move in that arena. The Lord would move 2 or move people to speak a message in The Spirit then the message would be interpreted by 2 or more other people. All of it would be still under the control of the church leader as to how many people would speak, and at what time, etc.

Sorry to say, it would not be a known occurance in your Protestant church's since the practice of tongues is basically unknown in that denomination, hence why you are unfamiliar with what I say about it.

Lying spirit huh? You do know that if a lying spirit was speaking through me, this thing would never claim that Jesus is Lord, so let me just nullify everything you just said there:

Jesus is Lord, in my life, in my prayers, in everything. I am bought by His blood.

Now I would go say your sorry to GOD for calling HIS Spirit evil.

Btw, yes I do say you, Dave Bauscher, speak from satan at times, that little thing you let rip out of you a few days ago about "Prosperity gospel is of satan" was satan speaking loud and clear through you at that moment. You need to do some fasting. And while your at it, why don't you ask GOD about receiving the filling of The Spirit, since your claiming to be born again. It's about time that you receive Him in your life for once, or at least start understanding these things for once.

It's a common practice to call something of GOD to be of satan when it is not in that persons life, especially for those whose Christianity is still worldly.

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