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Syriac manuscripts DVD : a big disappointment
Shlomo alk'un

I just received the Syriac manuscipts DVD from the BYU , so
here is a little review ... :

The beautiful pictures showed to the press is not at all
representative of the content : only a couple of manuscripts look
like that.

The majority of them are poorly photographied b&w photos
of REALLY heavly damaged manuscripts. Half the content
is unreadable, and the photo is offen overexposed, a little blurry ,
inclined or even with the beginning of the page off the picture !

The use of PDF for scanned manuscript is a poor choice (as pro knows):
it is really slow and the display engine pixelize the picture.
(just by saving a page in a 250kb jpg i got higher quality display)

and finally : 1/3 of the pdf files are corrupted !!!
i can't open them nor copy them : CRC error , then crash
(i just send a mail to the BYU , so i don't know if it's just my dvd)

Have a nice day you all,


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