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Peshitta OT Canon and the issue of Chapters and Verses
Re: the canon of the Pshitta Tanakh, does anyone know if the 'apocryphal' books were actually a part of the original Pshitta canon or not? Most of my research says not, and that they were added to the original canon which supposedly was 22 books, each book being named after a letter of the alphabet i.e. Alap = Brshit. What exactly is the status of the books such as Tobit, Judith etc in the Pshitta?

Also, given that the concept of 'chapters' and 'verses' were innovated in order to make referencing easier, isn't in the case that the books were all actually one continuous reading at some point? My copy of a Serto Pshitta has no paragraphing in it at all and verse simply follows on from verse.

I think we can see a logical continuation from Genesis to Joshua that indicates a homogenous singular text without a 'break' to make differing books as such, in which case the whole matter of 'numbers of book in a canon' would be redefined. <!-- s:yell: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/yell.gif" alt=":yell:" title="Yell" /><!-- s:yell: -->

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