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John 1:1
As for the rest of your question, it is totally cut and dried, like a barrel of Longbottom Leaf stored at Orthanc.

Classic. You've a wit to be proud of, Andrew. My thanks for your comments concerning the passage. Illuminating answers. I do understand what it is you are saying; and can only agree. I suppose you are quite right in the fact that anything can be distorted; and the whole of the scripture is a straight guide.

The Lector's point is well understood, and seem to fall into this same category. I suppose doctrine can never be built on simply one verse, but on the sum of the verses alone. On a side note, I know nothing about Aramaic but, from the Hebrew, I would translate Exodus 7:1 as, "I have made you God to Pharoah".

Also, gbausc's comments have been well said. My thanks to you for pointing me to another site from which I can learn new things about the Peshitta. Excellent. Most excellent.

I am going to begin studies on this "MarYAH" that has been brought into the conversation. Very interesting, indeed.
Hi Stryder,

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