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Christ's OT quotes and Pshitta primacy
Paul Younan Wrote:Another example where the NT is not quoting the LXX:
Shlama Akhi Paul welkulkun!

Yes, I???m back... Excuse me for my absence: see my ???location??? and you???ll get the picture...

The interesting thing in this particular verse is the word ???Virgin??? (GNT = LXX vs. HOT ?? we???ll see...)
The masoretic text of Is 7,14 reads ???THE YOUNG GIRL??? ( hmlh , not necessarily ???the virgin???). What ???Classic Scholars??? state is that here the Greek quotes LXX (parqenov) against (or better, clarifying) HOT. So this ???they say- is a ???proof??? of Greek primacy! Well, some time ago I began an analysis of the OT (explicit) quotes in NT comparing GNT, LXX, HOT, PNT and POT (I posted something here, I think). My surprise in this verse is that I found the coincidence of the Peshitta NT with the Peshitta Tanak in the word ???virgin??? ([font=Estrangelo (V1.1)]Flwtb[/font])! So this automatically invalidates the Greek Primacists theory (unless Peshitta Tanak is subsequent to PNT or ???influenced??? by it!). I merely finished Mt, but I wish to extend this analysis (when I have time!) to the rest of the Gospels (at least) and to all NT. With BW version 6, having Peshitta (although with that weird Estrangelo font) and Targumim the task is now easier (even if I have to do POT ???manually???!).

Nevertheless, to be sincere, there are some texts having an exact match in the GNT quotes with LXX (just in Mt, I suspect that in Lk there should be more, since these scholars declare that ???Lk imitates LXX???).

For example:

Mt 4,4 / Dt 8,3
Exact agreement except in the repeated final phrase (zjsetai o anqrwpov ) and the article ( tw) added.

Mt 4,6 / Psal 91, 11-12
Exact coincidence but in the kai beginning the second line (besides the omitted words in the middle).

Mt 4,7 / Dt 6,16
Exact coincidence

Mt 13,14-15 / Is 6,9-10
Exact agreement, even if this is a long quote. Here GNT and LXX coincide also (against HOT!) in the ???softening??? of the hard phrase (is the people who harden his heart and ???close their eyes and ears??? thus rejecting the healing from God.

Mt 21,16 / Psal 8,3
GNT Identical to LXX.

Mt 21, 42 / Psal 118, 22-23
Lengthy quote like peas in a pod!!!

Mt 22,44 / Psal 110,1
Identical except a minor variant:
???until I put your enemies below your feet??? (GNT: upokatw twn podwn sou )
???until I put your enemies [as] your footstool??? (LXX: upopodion twn podwn sou )

Mt 23,39 / Sal 117,26
Both Identical GNT and LXX

Does these ???exact coincidences??? put somebody in a hurry??? Well, be calm! Stay with me: I have a hypothesis about this.
I think that Greek translator basically did that I have done here a moment ago: ???copy & paste???! Yes, in my case when I???m writing an article, conference or sermon (in Spanish) and I have to quote some verse(s) of the Bible I simply use the BibleWorks Spanish LBA version and (frequently ???retouching??? the translation), and then copy & paste the text... And especially when (as here in the Forum) I want to cite an English verse(s), that???s what I do: ???copy & paste??? (why should I do an effort ???of translating- that already somebody else did?... and better than I would!).
You know that Ancient people had an enormous amount of ???RAM??? (gigabytes!), i.e. memory, being capable of learning by heart plenty of wording (even entire books!), a capacity that we, modern guys have lost because of all our resources of technical media. I suppose that Zorba(s) knew very well LXX and used it while translating from Aramaic... That would adequately explain the coincidences and also the differences of the quotes. What do you think?

[font=Estrangelo (V1.1)]Fwx0b[/font][/size]
Ab. Valentin

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