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Back Breaker

Quote:Firstly, there are no original Qurans that have a signature, either. And the oldest manuscripts of the Peshitta NT predate the earliest Quran manuscripts by at least 200 years. What's your excuse? Can't even preserve a 7th-century Quran? We have several 5th century what's your excuse?

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These are four Qu'ranic manuscripts dating back to the 1st century hijra. There is (of course) jot-by-jot accuracy in comparison to the copies of the Qu'ran on shelves today. Not 99 percent. Not 98.6752. 100. Moreover, there are six year old children in Arabia who can recite the Qu'ran backwards in its entirety.

Name a priest who has memorized the Peshitta.

The method of transmitting the Qur'an from one generation to the next by having the young memorise the oral recitation of their elders had mitigated somewhat from the beginning the worst perils of relying solely on written records . . " .John Burton, An Introduction To The Hadith, 1994, Edinburgh University Press, p. 27.

Those Arabs must have outsmarted the Church.

Quote:Secondly, Tatian compiled the Peshitta Gospels into what was called the "Damkhaltey" very early on in his life. He became a nutcase later, who cares?

He composed the Damkhaltey in 173 CE. He was excommunicated by the Western Church one year later. In Mesopotamia did he form his Gnostic sect called Encratites. Therefore, you cannot quite separate the sane Tatian from the heretic.

I noticed you did not comment on the Logos interpolation.

"The Diatessaron was composed at a time when the notion of canonical Gospels was so young that the composer of the Diatessaron felt free to introduce material not found elsewhere in what we now call canonical Gospels: Matthew 4:4 and Mark 1:6, for example, talk of John the Baptist having lived off 'locusts and wild honey,' which is unusual to an ascetic since locust is a non-vegetarian diet. Tatian felt free to resolve the problem by modifying the text. He substituted 'locusts' with 'milk of the mountains,' the food of the promised land which is mentioned in the Old Testament (Deuteronomy 6.3)."

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The Greeks also "felt free" to revise, change, iron, soften, and polish their manuscripts. The East is equally guilty of alteration (especially the Syriac Orthodox Church).

....And the New Testament text continued to be a "living text" as long as it remained a manuscript tradition, even when the Byzantine church molded it to the procrustean bed of the standard and officially prescribed text. Even for later scribes, for example, the parallel passages of the Gospels were so familiar that they would adapt the text of one Gospel to that of another. They also felt themselves free to make corrections in the text, improving it by their own standard of correctness, whether grammatically, stylistically, or more substantively. This was all the more true of the early period, when the text had not been attained canonical status, especially in the earliest period when Christians considered themselves to be filled with the Spirit. As a consequence the text of the early period was many-faceted, and each manuscript had its own peculiar character"Aland & Aland, The Text Of The New Testament, p. 69.

As shown, the West is not the only side guilty of revision. I do not believe the Church of the East would have used the Diatessaron (a revision from hypothetical Gospels) for so long had they possessed the source Gospels. Hell, they won't even translate the Peshitta into English

Quote:The Arabic translation of ibn-Tayyib, translated in the 11th century AD directly from the Aramaic Damkhaltey of Tatian, reads exactly like a harmonized version of the word-for-word Peshitta Gospels. It's in the British Museum, if you ever want to go see it.

There's no way for me to verify that. Therefore, I cannot except it to be true.

Quote:Thirdly.....what use did the CoE have with a harmonized version, when it already had the distinct Gospels? They had no use of it - it was made by one man, it became popular for a while and then it died out. We didn't burn it in the 5th century, like Rabbula in the Western empire did, we kept it around for awhile - at least 600 years after it was burned everywhere else. It was alright. It was made from the Peshitta, after all. Why wouldn't it be alright?

Prove the Peshitta is the predecessor to the Damkhaltey. Open challenge.

Quote:Case clooooosed.

Don't submit just yet.
???Do not give up, for that is ignorance and not according to the rules of this art... Like the lover, you cannot hope to achieve success without infinite perseverance.???

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