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Who will win tomorrow?
Dear John,

I know those posts were between you and Dave... but I wanted to thank you for posting that for I took it in the spirit that it was given.. of someone who is really listening to what Jesus was/is teaching us. It does my heart good to hear someone who does not just wear christianity as a label but follows the spirit of it... bless you.

Yes, I agree that Jesus was right as well as divine in his philosphy and teachings. He understood that hate breeds hate and without forgiveness, understanding and compassion, the viscous cycle will consume humanity... and war leaves so many wounds that the world is so wounded that the vicous cycle has led to the age of terrorism, and perhaps more war is not the answer, except as a defense... and I believe afghanistan invasion was justified and wish Bush had done a better job of getting all of alquada and getting bin ladin.. at least he did end the taliban and the evil they did not only to us, but to their own people, especially their women.

Unfortunately, it seems that the more a political leader waves his christianity, the less he takes it into consideration in his foreign policies... and I believe that the war in Iraq did far more bad for both americans and iraqis than good for either... and only helped terrorists like bin ladin and even worse ones probably in the works... and that some use christianity to enflame a religious war worries me, as a chrisitan especially. As Ghandi once said, he loved our Jesus but hated our christianity... and that is becuase the religion and people that use it to justify their feelings of superiority to exploit, opress and murder others, have not a clue what Jesus was trying to bring to the world. I believe he was not just trying to save our souls but also trying to save humanity from the greedy selfish unforgiving compassionless warmongers that humanity can't seem but help but be.

And if christianity in his name is not about his teachings of how we should forgive, understand, be compassionate, charitable, not greedy, etc. etc..then it makes one wonder what is the real value of religion... it should be to make us good and closer to God through our goodness and contributers to humanity through our compassion and charity and kindess, but instead, it seems to be used as a tool to help the human mind deny the evil and wrongs it does, by saying i am a good person of religion and of God, so I don't have to really think about my deeds and words and thoughts, so I can be selfish and greedy and brainwashed... that is why although still a follower of Jesus' divine teachings, I no longer have affliations with any hypocritical religious institutes.

I am never surprised by how those who proclaim their religion, of all faiths, including terrorists, are the ones that think they can do all kinds of evil under the fake shield of their religion. I think religion has failed humanity and in a technologically dangerous world, it might just self fullfill that crazy armeggedon stuff, unless more people listen to people like you. Bless you. I agree that if we don't start finding more enlightened ways to solve the worlds problem and stop the hate and greed and cycle of wars, that in our technological age, we are all in grave danger... as well as our souls. Jesus knew this even in his time and if people really listened as you do rather than just making a damning others, ritualistic feel good save you by believing religion, then his teachings would have saved the world.. hopefully it is not too late but maybe it is... and that is sad.


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