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Who will win tomorrow?
I still disagree and think that you are just stretching to associate Kerry unfairly with Bin Ladin and being soft on Terrirists when you have no facts to back that up and are just in essence, regardless of what you consciously think you are doing, are just demonizing democrats to make this country less democratic, and that is wrong in my book... but I do believe you are patriotic, just midguided as you think I am it seems. <!-- sWink --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/wink1.gif" alt="Wink" title="Wink" /><!-- sWink -->

Besides, I have studied some psychology and you have to understand the mind of a delusional sociopathic egomaniac like Bin Ladin... it is, not that he does not fear or that he likes Kerry or even that he thinks that Kerry will be easier on him... it is like in Spain, they want to feel their evil deeds and sick words have control over the world... so he wanted to see if by threatening us if we reelect Bush, if he could affect that election... but he does not understand Americans for it only helped Bush.. because people like you then put Kerry unfairly in his camp or just think that one word from a nut means his policies are weaker without really examining the policies of both sides... we have results from Bush and he has failed to get Bin Ladin and the war in Iraq has recruited multitudes more terrorists and Iraq was not an imminent threat to us, at least terrorist threat in the near future, and perhaps not a threat to us at all.

I sincerely believe Kerry would have been tougher on terrorists cause he said he would have worked day and night to bring them all to justice wherease after a year the hard work seemed to much for Bush who said he does not care where Bin Ladin is nor does he ever think about it or him much in that press conference a year after 9/11... and then he got distracted and/or manipulated, and went into Iraq which was not an imminent threat to us like alquda and osama are... so i think that you are wrong that if nutty terrorists say they hate bush that does not automatically means that bush is tougher on terrorism... i think it just shows that they not only want to terrorize us but they also want to control us... and if they make us less democratic then the terrorist thugs and nutjob fanatics win.. and you help them win by demonizing Kerry and anyone that supported his election for the election process is a healthy democratic one... and to take anyone opposing the ruling leader and unpatriotically unamericanly demonizing patriotic americans and making them injustly and falsely look unpatriotic to keep your man in power erodes democracy... or worse divides it in a way that might lead to instability in the future.

And that is what the terrorists really want for they now they can never bring America down from outside for we have too much wit and might and will, but they can and I believe are trying to control us from the inside, divide us, make us less democratic and know that decades down the road that and that alone will be our biggest threat to our healthy great democracy... so that worries me as well as the other evil deeds of terrorists worry me but I think Kerry would have fought against ALL terrorists threats whereas Bush to me seems weak in how he gave up on Osama and contributed to eroding democratic principles and dividing our democracy... so had the vote again tomorrow, I would still vote for Kerry... that is my opinion... but I am glad we can respectfully and peacefully agree to disagree on this one.

Bye and Peace, Brother.

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