Poll: Who will win Tomorrow's Election?
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Who will win tomorrow?
i only saw the snippet on the news.. but even if the creep used words from moore's documentary as you claim or seemed to want bush out and kerry in... that is ignorant to blame kerry for that as you said thecompany he keeps.. he had no hand in that and he has repeatedly said he will kill the terrorists and actually i thought he was more strong on that saying kill to overexaggerate for the ignoramouses that need that kill word when i would have prefered the children in the room hearing it with their parents watching the news snippets of that over and over again, heard bring to justice even if that means kill. Kerry is as against terrorism and binladin as Bush is and actually he has said he would not have said what bush did over a year ago when bush said he does not think about or care about bin ladin... some tough guy on terrorists... he should have been thinking of that day and night until he got him and all his little psycho terrorists.. and as an independent that usually votes democratic I find it ignorant that you make it sound like democrats are haters and terrorists supports.. i hate noone.. i love my country and my president but that does not mean i have to vote to reelect him if i feel he has made significant mistakes and won't admit them so will keep goofing up.. like not getting bin ladin when he had the obvious chance in the beginning and not putting in enough troups in afghanistan to wipe out alquade.. heck they even let half of them go after then caught them cause they did not have the troups to hold them... he made mistakes, refuses to admit it.. and because i LOVE my country and i HATE terrorism, i voted for Kerry and for you to imply the opposite is sad and is exactly the tactic the sleazy republican machien used to delude the easily brainwashable religious fanatics while he does not serve god or you or me but his corporate connections.. you know the one in that speech he said, some call you the elite but i call you my base... do don't go making democrats out to be terrorists, especially a patriotic american like kerry that has served his country in war and in the senate... that is will do more harm to this country than any terrorist bomb!!! but all bush people had to say to religious nuts, you konw the 50% that voted for him, was bush believes in god and hates fags and kerry doesnt believe in god and loves fags... and boom the rednecks of america elect him cause those simple things are easier to digest than isseus of economy and homeland security and world peace.

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