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Getting the Aramaic/Greek primacy issue 'OUT THERE'
I am a Wycliffe Seminary Grad 2003 (Anglican , U or Toronto) who stumbled onto your website after wanting to uncover this 'aramaic' thing. I knew Jesus undoubtedly spoke Hebrew and Aramaic but why was the NT in Greek? Anyway, I"m a convert to the Aramaic primacy cause. However, i now realize, and we all need to realize that the actual debate over primacy is almost completely unheard of because it's a non-issue in most mainline theological institutions. It doesn't even show up on the scholarship radar. When it breaks though, it's going to be huge. I want to encourage all of us who want to get this issue out there to do so not on our own strength, but our Creator's, knowing that as long as we act honestly, without bias (which means we must first understand our own bias), and with steadfast determination, we will get this issue addressed. It cannot be ignored for ever, that's impossible. One way to do this is to do graduate studies at reputable institutions in this area. Look at it as a chance to bring the issue right in through the front door. I am considering just that but will need years to develop the language skills to be respected. I am convinced that Greek philosophy and language has had an overly influential impact on Yeshua's Church. So stay strong and just get the word out there. And just like converting Constantine led to the rapid expansion of Christendom (although not always a truly Christian Empire) getting to that one special person with Aramaic Primacy, will see entire church's and congregations changed. They will bring a copy of the Aramaic NT into their midst in the search of truth, and the truth will set them free.

all for Jeshua
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Fantastic post. I commend your open outlook and especially your open mind. One would think after years of GP indoctrination in a traditional seminary setting, that would be next to impossible. Thanks for giving us hope for a brighter future.

The material on this site, and on other sites, will hopefully be of assistance to you - as shall many of us.
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